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AMD Radeon RX 460 – the presentation of a graphics card with a lower shelves – PC World

AMD Radeon RX 460 is a layout aimed less
 demanding users who satisfy a rather average
 the level of detail graphics in games. Setting high also
 They will work, but not all games will be provided
 at least 30 frames per second.

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 Radeon RX 460 compared to GTX 950-I

The core Polaris 11 created in the 14-nanometer process
 FinFET technology has 16 blocks of computing, but the Radeon
 RX 460 are blocked two of them, so ultimately the most recent
 AMD child has 14 blocks of computing. Each of these blocks is
 Shader 64, and therefore at the heart of graphics processor
 And RX-460 has 896 shader. In addition, the core
 There are 16 units ROP (rasteryzujących) and 56 TMU
 (Texturing). Radeon RX 460 is to operate a timing base
 the core at 1090 MHz, but a matter for the Boost mode finally
 the core will accelerates to about 1200 MHz (with the proviso that no
 exceed the limit of power and temperature).


New core Polaris 11 mounted in the RX-460 is a lot of e
 less efficient than the core in the model above, or RX-470 e

 - That card was more than two times more execution units
 (Precisely in 2048), so the difference between the successive models in
 AMD offer is huge.

“Read an extensive test
 Radeon RX 460 compared to GTX 950-I

The layout Radeon RX 460 will communicate with two or
 four gigabytes of memory VRAM (depending on model) for
 a 128-bit data bus. The range of shops are to be
 only available non-reference versions, and the only tested in
 our lab card was Gigabyte Radeon RX 460 WINDFORCE OC,
 that is overclocked (although only 12 MHz) design with
 niereferencyjnym cooling system provided with two

Perf Ks 1920

average performance of the Radeon RX 460 is, unfortunately,
because it just fits in the segment
 wherein months there was no change and therefore between
 weaker Radeon R7 360 / GeForcy GTX 750 Ti, and stronger
 GeForce’y 950. Radeon RX 460 jumps really the place
 an elderly already Radeon R7 370, which premiered at the truth had
 a little over a year ago, but it really is an old core Radeon
 HD 7850 four years ago, which just changed its name.

 Perfprice 1920 Ks

Price Radeon RX 460 is also not preferred because the
 price-performance ratio of this card is the worst among
 products with low end wydajnościowego
. 580 zł for
 performance up to the level of the Radeon R7 370 is a very
 the average offer, which does not enforce traffic Nvidia in the low segment
 price. Again, until the release of the new video card awaits us
 stagnation. Radeon RX 460 is not entirely without a sense – offers
 decent performance allowing you to play on medium settings in
 all games on the market, is equipped with modern connectors
 image (HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort with support for HDR), and above
 all consumes very little power so that no need
 power supply. This makes the card a candidate for a tiny HTPC
 under the TV, but certainly not a product that can threaten
 other graphic layouts in the low price segment of the market.

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