Wednesday, August 10, 2016

272B7QPTKEB – the first monitor from Philips retractable webcam –

  Philips launched the first in its offer professional monitor series from sliding out of the housing web camera, 27-inch model with a resolution Quad HD is equipped with a matrix of IPS technology and PowerSensor .

 In the latest model Philips function was adjusting the camera with the ability to hide it in the frame of the monitor when it is not used. This is not only interesting, “bajer” but also practical function of providing us greater security, because as emphasized by the producer, today ingenuity of hackers seem to have no limits, and hence increasing the threat to take control of the webcam user.

 It should draw attention here to a very thin frame, which maximizes the surface image, of which no doubt will enjoy the beneficiaries of the settings next to each other more monitors. Monitor allows you to create a daisy chain that allows you to connect multiple devices through one connector type. The structure of the wiring using one DisplayPort connection provides the system configuration in a more structured way.

 Monitor 272B7QPTKEB is also environmentally friendly, as used herein technology PowerSensor detects user presence in front of the monitor and lowers the brightness level of the screen when he walks away from the desk, so that power consumption is kept as low as possible – in addition, the monitor has been produced 85% of the plastic recycled. Detailed specification of this model are as follows:


 Model Philips 272B7QPTKEB will be available in stores from August 2016 year. Manufacturer’s Suggested Price of the monitor is 3049 PLN. The range of monitors with retractable camera will increase before the end of this year, enriching the range with, among others, 24-inch model or on a monitor with a resolution of UHD.



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