Thursday, August 4, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 470 – the premiere of the video card for about 1000 zł – Computer World

Radeon RX 470 so called because the graphics core AMD
  based on the same architecture Polaris on which it is based
 RX 480
. It is the fourth generation architecture GCN, which
 It is being developed for several years. New, smaller core Polaris
 used to build the RX-470 and the like older brother was also
 prepared in a 16-nanometer process FinFET, but
 It has less units than full Polaris .

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Rx470 1

the new core is used to build the cheaper graphics cards
  2048 shader units and 128 units
 texturing, or about 12% less relative to the RX-480 and
 That’s right, for a number of units rasteryzujących: the RX 470
 32, which is exactly as much as the RX 480. The RX 470 system version
 the reference is to run at a base frequency of 926
 MHz Boost technology is core to accelerate as much as possible
 (Paying attention to the temperature and energy consumption) to 1206 MHz. What
 But interesting: market to be available only versions
, created by the producers themselves and
 tested in our lab card was XFX Radeon RX 470 RS
 Black Edition, which has been overclocked by 50 MHz. Memory
 installed on the RX-ie 470 to 4 GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at
 1750 MHz, which communicates with the core by means of a 256-bit
 data bus reaching more than 180 GB / s.

Perf 1920 Fr.

Performance Radeon RX-470 and positively surprising fact
  model is much less efficient than the Radeon RX
. Radeon RX 470 4 GB is only a few percent weaker
 Radeon RX 480 and much cheaper – prices Radeon RX 470 have
 oscillate about the amount of 1000 zł, and the minimum cost to buy a Radeon RX
 480 is approx. 1300 zł. In addition, we tested XFX Radeon RX 470
 RS Black Edition is not only almost as fast as the RX 480, but
 also has a much better working culture – is simply
 quieter load (games), and the rest did not appear
 sounds, because the fans do not spin up before the temperature
 the core does not exceed the threshold set by the manufacturer for about
 55 – 60 degrees.

Priceperf 1920 Fr.

the high performance work culture and a relatively low price – these
 factors resulted in an excellent performance ratio, and
 for money. For very expensive as per your capabilities
 Radeon RX 480 and the GTX-ah 1060, where the amount of the purchase
 always exceeds 1,400 zł, Radeon RX 470 seems to be a great
 offer and is worth every buck spent on it
 Older graphics cards such as the Radeon R9 380 or GeForce
 GTX 960 did not have a chance against the new AMD and
 wydajnościowo protrude by about 30%.

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