Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today, Prime Minister graphics card Radeon RX 470 –

  AMD announced today that its premiere has Radeon RX 470, which is the second product utilizing GPU Red Polaris 10 . In this case, the manufacturer tempting price starting at $ 179 and asynchroniczności technology, service screens HDR and GPU designed from the ground up for the next generation, including low-level API like DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

 Unlike the RX 480 with a fully unlocked Polaris system 10, in this case four CU are turned off. Thus, we get 32 ​​units CU, which translates to 2048 stream processors. We find here in addition 128 units TMU and 32 ROP and GPU speed is 926 MHz and 1206 MHz Boost mode – such specification is to translate the computing power of 4.9 TFLOPsów.

 As for memory, the card is equipped with 4 GB GDR5, but sales will also variants with 8 GB on board. Bandwidth amount is here 211 GB / s, which we owe to 256-bit bus and clocked at 1650 MHz memory. TDP of the Radeon is 120W, and the power supplies an additional 6-pin connector.

 AMD ensures that this configuration allows you to play with more than 60 frames per second at Ultra settings in many modern titles.

 Graphics Cards Radeon RX 470 are now available worldwide. For sale as of now there are only non-reference designs – versions equipped with 4 GB should be with us cost about 950 – 1100 PLN (eg. SAPPHIRE NITRO + Radeon RX 470 4GB valued at 1,045 PLN), while the price of models with 8 GB is approx. 1200 PLN (eg. SAPPHIRE Radeon NITRO + RX 470 8 GB priced at 1,215 PLN).








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