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AMD returns to race fast processors. The core of Zen finally matched structures Intel – dobreprogramy

However, AMD will have a future in the market of processors. During a private presentation they Reds finally presented the Zen – a completely new x86 core, which will allow them to get out of the limitations that plague years Bulldozer and his successors. We learned new details about architecture, we got acquainted with the performance and comparisons to Intel chips. I must admit that it is really good.

As is known, the main purpose of which is posed Zen was the increase of the number of instructions per cycle (IPC) by 40% compared to the last core Excavator. Going very ambitious at a time when between successive generations of processor performance increases by 5-10% suddenly. This has been achieved through a radical restructuring of the architecture.

Perhaps the biggest change is the introduction of buffer micro-operations – an element absent in Bulldozerach and used successfully for years by Intel. So far cores AMD had so often done μ-opsy taken from other buffers.

r e k l m and a

Another important change is vaguely recognized “enhanced forecasting
 branches “to select the right instruction, extension
 Unit executive and planning instructions – this
 bring 175% more capacity planner and 150% higher
 the width of the user relative to the core Excavator.

To increase throughput, the core comprises a Zen extended
 preloading mechanism manual and a new hierarchy
 buffer: 8 MB of shared L3 cache, a unified memory
 L2 and L1 separated buffers for instructions and data. This is a new
 system memory allows the performance up to 500% better than

He also appeared finally mechanism SMT (simultaneous
 multithreading). Each core will be able to handle two
 threads, so the level of “multi”, presented by IBM
 architecture Power8 (up to eight threads per core) a little lacking – but allows
 to establish an equal battle with Intel, the more that is not
 It is here to share the Floating Point unit, and each thread
 He will be appeared as an independent core.

As a result of all the improvements made in lithography 14 nm
 (The same process as used in the graphics chips Polaris)
 They resulted in a 40% higher rate than the IPC Excavator at
 maintaining the same level of energy consumption per cycle.

Faster than Intel?

Interestingly, AMD decided to compare your processor
 Intel CPU – Broadwell-E Core i7-6900K. The comparison is quite
 controversial. Czipowi blue bolted clocks (from 3.2 / 3.7 GHz
 to 3 GHz), explaining that the desire to normalize the test because
 prototype processor was also clocked the clock. AMD provides
 However, the processor cores Zen, which hit the market will be
 already had the faster clocks.

The test consisted of rendering graphics in Blender, in
 multithreaded operating load, benefiting from all
 cores. AMD did not reveal any numbers, but gathered
 they saw that the red chip was slightly faster.

Time for Zen

Dr. Lisa Su, AMD’s chief, assured that the first desktop
 processors now goes to its partner companies, and their overall
 announced the availability of the first half of 2017 years. IN
 the second half of 2017 appear to have had a first APU with
 the new cores. There is no reason to doubt it, to show
 presented already operating computers such czipami,
 complemented by graphics cards RX 480.

Expected are also structures for the market of embedded devices,
 although no specific details were not disclosed. mentioned by
 it’s about the server platform Naples, built around a 32-core,
 64 weft chips Naples – it will handle two of these chips on

If you are interested in a detailed analysis
 new architecture cores, refer to AnandTechu,
 the editors probably the most comprehensively studied the matter.
 We can only say that AMD’s return to market performance
 x86 is a great message – may eventually Intel
 cease to do chips interesting only for manufacturers of laptops
 and I will show that he can afford more than productivity gains row
 5% per generation.


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