Monday, August 8, 2016

Apple bought for approx. $ 200 million company engaged in the artificial intelligence – Interia

The company Apple bought for approx. $ 200 million company Turi, who are engaged in the development of artificial intelligence technologies. According to analysts, in this way, the Cupertino company wants to increase its growth potential learning systems (machine learning).


                              Apple bought a company which artificial intelligence


Experts predict that the artificial intelligence in the near future will become one of the foundations of modern software development. Analysts point out that the system created by Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, differs quality of solutions offered by competitors, eg. Google and Facebook. Therefore, the company from Cupertino is looking for ways to improve this situation.

In addition to Siri, the company uses solutions of artificial intelligence in navigation application Apple Maps and photo software.

the owner of Turi, which has its headquarters in Seattle, is a university lecturer Carlos Guestrin. In his scientific work deals with the subject of learning systems. The solutions developed so far by Turi may be used for future advertising, social media analysis, or to search for music on websites.

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