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Windows 10 Anniversary Update now available for the Poles. None of the most important news? –

Windows 10, unveiled a year ago, lived to see important updates called “Anniversary Update.” It is now available for Polish consumers. By default, the system should automatically be installed. Just restart the computer, and then see the news that Microsoft has prepared. Here are the main ones.

No diametrical changes

The update is not a revolution, so some users, despite the many interesting features, it brings , … may not notice the difference. It was not until more in-depth look at the system allows them to know.

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New in the Start Menu

striking first. Microsoft introduced the known users of Windows Phone, an alphabetical list of applications. By clicking the icon from the Windows bottom left corner, and then select the very bottom of the “All Applications” see the list that you can scroll with the mouse wheel.

Windows Ink – write on the full screen

This is one of the most important function that allows you to create manual notes. Using the stylus, as well as a mouse or a finger, you can select areas on the screen, draw arrows, create notes. The best in the browser Edge – everything we see on the page can be marked and sent in any way to your friends or colleagues. And that is the main objective of the new feature – allows better illustrate this, what we talk about.

What is the availability and functionality in Poland? In an interview with us said Joanna Frackowiak, Spokesman of the Polish branch of Microsoft.

We are aware of the fact that Windows Ink is one of the most anticipated by users functionality in Windows 10 after Anniversary Update. It will be available in all languages, running Windows 10, which means that they will be able to use it also with Polish users. Microsoft confirms that Windows Ink aroused great interest and, therefore, is currently working with partners on extending the availability of this function to the greatest number of devices. Some of the partners, even such as HP and Acer, are already supporting Windows Ink on their devices. Successive producers bring such support in the coming months, with the arrival on the market of new devices.

Edge like Chrome

Microsoft decided to once again fight on your browser. Edge is added to important known for Chrome or Firefox, function extensions. They will be integrated with Notification Center so Edge gets more useful browser.

None of the most important news

Windows 10 also has another, perhaps the most important feature – the integration of devices with Android. Unfortunately, it is managed by CORT, a virtual assistant. And this in the Polish version of Windows is not available. This means that using a computer with Windows 10 does not pick notifications from your smartphone (eg. SMS). It is a pity that a function which seemed the most groundbreaking in Poland is available.

Sam test Windows 10 – Before you install

 Emulator Windows 10 Fig. Microsoft

Microsoft has launched a very interesting site that allows you to become familiar with all the essential features of Windows 10. At this address is a virtual emulator presenting the system at all devices – computer, tablet and smartphone. On the left side you can choose the type of activity – eg. Work on different devices. We’ll see then a video showing how the application downloaded to your computer automatically becomes also available on the tablet.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings certainly less novelty than the Windows 10 system has been optimized to work well on different devices, but outside of Windows computers is far less popular.

Windows 10 is no longer free

Microsoft also explained the issue of fees – Users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 flight who on the latest system will have pay for it.

Microsoft gave users of previous versions of Windows exactly a year to use our free upgrade computers to Windows 10. July 29 was the end date for a free upgrade to Windows 10, and from that on the latest Microsoft ceased to be free.

– explained the representative of the company.

We are still awaiting the official position of Microsoft on the operation of integration of devices with Android. The text will be updated.


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