Saturday, August 6, 2016

Instagram Instagram introduces Stories – modeled on snapchat – Marketing With Kawa

The new feature allows you to share all the important moments of the day for users, but without placing them in the news. In this way, they will not appear on the boards followers. They will be also available in a set of posts. They will disappear after 24 hours.
Information about the stories the people you follow will appear on a special bar at the top of the screen news. There will also be indicated by a colored ring around the image author.

to view the material, simply touch the profile picture, and wanting to comment on the photo or video, send a direct message to the author using Instagram Direct. In contrast to regular posts, Instagram Stories are not visible to the public likes, and comments.

the stories posted on Instagram have the same privacy settings as the whole account. If it is private, the stories will go only to people watching. It is also easy to hide history against specific individuals, even if you are watching your account. Author history can also see who has looked at any of the photos and videos.

Instagram Stories in the coming weeks will go to people who use the application on mobile devices with iOS and Android.


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