Saturday, August 6, 2016

Is the newest feature Instagrama replace snapchat? Now they work much like … –

For months Instagram and snapchat are competing for the title of the best and most popular social applications for sharing photos and cinematics. This first like the opportunity to create a virtual album pretty pictures, the other – for something completely opposite, transience sent Posts and fun filters. Interestingly, these two competing platforms are beginning to resemble each other …

first snapchat introduced the Memories , which allows save our photos and videos on a virtual whiteboard. This step had completely changed the way we use the application, so it did not happen. Snapchat is used exactly as before.

Now comes another major update, but this time from the Instagrama. It is in addition to change, which is a response to the popularity of a competitor. An additional feature that can be found in the application after updating to the latest version is Instagram Stories . What is going on? The ability to publish photos and short video clips that disappear after 24 hours. So … exactly the same as Snapchacie.

Stories can be found on the top of the application in the form of small, colored circles. Using a new feature reminds the use of snapchat: by clicking the circle in the center of the screen taking a picture while holding the – record video, which can take up to 10 seconds. In contrast to the “Snaps”, instagramowych stories we can not send to specific people may be too to see all of our observers.

As with snapowaniu images and video can be supplemented with smileys or subtitles and drawings virtual marker. Instagram does not support for one of the most popular features of a competitor – facial mapping technology, which allows snapchat requires face funny “mask”. Instead, the options are typical for Instagrama filters.

Like a standard interface Instagrama and snapchatowej options Memories, Stories can be added to photos taken before and stored in the phone memory. Observers see our updates only for 24 hours, but they can watch them any number of times (as in My Story Snapchacie). Like the competition, not directly commenting on the publication, but from the post, you can send a private message.

 Instagram Stories - a new feature Editorial

should update?

Is Stories Instagram completely replace us snapchat? It seems rather doubtful. The possibilities of the new features are as yet quite poor. On the other hand, the solution is well designed and easy to read. It may interest users who previously were afraid or did not understand send Snaps. Potentially, Stories can facilitate contact with observers and make all communication will concentrate in one application.

It is not known whether Instagram will win this battle of the user. So far, the majority treats his stories … as a space for advertising on your profile Snapchacie, which have already built the fan community. Anyway, what’s Snaps, if you can not often bind to face the dog Mordka …


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