Saturday, August 6, 2016

They killed four puppies. They released their neighbor –

 On Wednesday, the third of July the police station in Dobrzyn on the Vistula River, in the district of Lipno, were notified by the inhabitant of the local community about the fact that one of the residents had five puppies, four of which suddenly disappeared. In connection with the suspicion that the man could kill animals, police checked the area near his residence. In the utility room they found two spots of the damaged land, which dug up. From the pits excavated four officers dead puppies. In place of dramatic discoveries he was called veterinarian, with the participation of which were carried out subsequent operations.

 The police stopped to explain the 68-year-old owner of the animals and his 41-year-old son. Investigators interrogated the detained men, and collected the evidence gave rise to present their allegations of unlawful killing puppies. Soon men will assess the proceedings the court.

 Due to the suspicion that the 8-year-old female elder of the men and one of the surviving pups may be at risk, they have been transferred to the care of representatives of the foundation for rescuing homeless animals.

 Police officers observe: according to the law on the protection of animals for slaughter, killing or slaughtering an animal in violation of the provisions of the Act is to be expected with a penalty of 2 years imprisonment. The same penalty shall be the person who mistreats an animal. If the perpetrator of the deed acts with particular cruelty shall be punished by imprisonment of up to 3 years.


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