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It was the beginning of the Polish Internet. 25 years ago was sent to the UW of the first e-mail – WawaLove – the heart of Warsaw

Internet – a tool that today shapes the society and the world – began his Polish career a quarter century ago from an e-mail sent from the Department of Physics, University of Warsaw.

Warsaw and internet care today a beautiful anniversary: ​​two daughters. 17 August 1991 year, the pavilion in front of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw at ul. Hoża 69 in Warsaw was sent to the laboratory DESY in Hamburg short but historical e-mail. This was not the first Polish e-mail in general, the combination of the FUW in August 1991, however, was unique because it was carried out entirely by the TCP / IP link, summarized according to the rules of the modern Internet. The addressee of the first Polish shipping website was Jan Sorensen, head of the Computer Centre of the University of Copenhagen.

Send e-mail a week

– At the time connectivity the world can be implemented using multiple networks, such as BITNET, X.25 or DECnet. The choice of the Internet with its TCP / IP was not obvious. For me the key features of the Internet were the widely available and free specifications, not to mention the fact that there was also at that time open source TCP / IP stack. Besides, then the Internet was a product of a very … democratic: enough to lease a link to a friend and our two networks already formed – small because the small, but the truest – the internet. And I, after years of living in a totalitarian state once had and have such możliwść, choose solutions that guarantee me freedom – says Rafał Pietrak, which the Department of Physics, University of Warsaw was responsible for the set up and test the Internet connection.

historical data transmission took place on one of the four channels of communication links leased by the Polish BITNET of Polish Telecom. They realized it by modem (standard time) capacity of 9600 bits per second, or a rate of several thousand times smaller than a typical modern home Internet connections. In August 1991 within Polish physicists was a European Internet; to obtain access to the Internet worldwide had to wait until November.

– Today the mail in any corner of the world can write and send in a few seconds. We had to install the hardware and all the software from scratch. We have already had admittedly a lot of experience with TCP / IP, which in two years has acted internal network of the Department, but after receiving access to the link to Copenhagen to prepare for a first exchange of e-mails and so took us about a week – says Marcin Gromisz of the Center for Computational FUW.

future Internet

in addition to Rafał Pietrak and Marcin Gromisz the team FUW involved in the launch of the first Polish internet were physicists: Wojciech Bogusz (who later, after running web site of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, became the first Polish webmaster), Jacek Gajewski, Michael Jankowski, Roman Szwed, Jerzy Tarasiuk and techniques-electronics Mariusz Kacprzak.

In addition to the first internet connection August 1991 years physicists from FUW contributed, among others, the uprising in April 1991, the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK), in 1992 formed the first group of Polish Usenet, and in August 1993 launched the first Polish web server to the home page of the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw. It is also worth noting that already two years before the initiation of Polish Internet began to FUW publishing “intranasal”, the first Polish newsletter, showing up today.

– In 1991, when we carried out the first Internet connection , we were interested in only the technical side. No one foresaw the scale cultural and social phenomena related to the spread of the Internet. Today, forecasting its future is therefore even more difficult. We can assume that will increase the speed of data transmission, the transmission will require smaller and smaller quantities of energy. But in connection with the life of society will change as radically as the moment of the creation of the first global village? On this question today, no one is able to answer – says Dr. Gromisz.

The future of the Internet will be devoted to the meeting, to be held in November this year at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw.

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