Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Intel presents VR goggles with elements AR – design Alloy –

 Today launched the Intel Developer Forum conference, which like every year, takes place in San Francisco, and that always gives us insight into Intel’s upcoming plans. This time, the company has set once again on technology RealSense , which failed to bind with a very fashionable recently abbreviations VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Draft Alloy is nothing more than another VR goggles, which, however, have several major advantages over other products, eg. From HTC or oculus. It is also at this time only a tech demo that will be available next year to all interested based on an open source license.


  Source: Intel

 Alloy design is a stand-alone device, as even Samsungowy GearVR, here we do not have any cables as in the case of HTC Vive, and all the computing power and the battery power has been locked in a small package. Of course, this does not bode no good for the players, but it gives you much more freedom of movement, especially if we consider the possibilities of augmented reality. With the camera mounted on the goggles RealSense, Alloy goggle user not only sees what is happening around him, but can also operate in virtual reality with his own hands, without the need for dedicated controllers. There he faces the collision with other objects in the room, which is not uncommon for a typical VR goggles.


  Source: Intel

 At present it is not known yet what Intel SoC based solution, but it’s safe to assume that this is one of the mobile CPU manufacturer. Intel also creates a whole API, which, like the equipment will be made available as open source. Alloy The project will also be compatible with Windows Holographic Shell, the shell which will debut on Windows 10 next year and will allow users HoloLens and derivative design Alloy to experience a completely new experience when using Windows.


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