Friday, August 19, 2016

Nokia will present new Android devices – Interia

                              Today, August 19 (5:34)

Mike Wang, chairman of the Chinese branch of Nokia, said that the company plans to present 3 or 4 new devices before the end of this year.


                              Nokia has in store 3 or 4 new models


The legendary Finnish brand returns to the production of mobile devices – that’s for sure. This was confirmed by Mike Wang, one of China’s CEOs. According to him, before the end of 2016. Nokia will present 3 or even 4 devices with Android on board. They have to be both smart phones and tablets and how. Most likely it will be devices of the highest quality with the latest Android 7.0, and the top levels of systems by Qualcomm. They will be produced by Foxconn and HMD Global Oy.

It is worth recalling that Nokia already tried their hand when it comes to Android devices. In 2014, the Finns have released a series of smartphones X, and a year later, with the help of the Chinese tablet codenamed N1. However, you can assume that this time, he boldly enter the market. The marketing success has been ensured by Rovio CEO – Pekka rental, which owes its success to the cult game Angry Birds.


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