Thursday, August 11, 2016

Or iPhone 7 September 7? –

There have been reports that this year’s iPhone will appear after 12 September or 16 September. And now it was announced that Apple may be deceived magic numbers. iPhone 7 already on September 7? It sounds interesting, but there are also less positive news.

Let’s start with the less positive. Well, quite likely that Apple will not decide this year on the presentation awaited by many iPhone Pro. Instead, we would get a choice of only two devices – the same as in previous years. Thus, a smaller iPhone 7 and a slightly larger iPhone 7 Plus. iPhone Pro will be, perhaps, but not until next year.

The information on the previous release of the new smartphone from Apple would confirm previous reports. According to them, the iPhone 7 will go to pre-September 9, on Friday. The actual sale of the device but would move on 16 September. Therefore, if the presale will begin on September 9th, Prime Minister of the device on September 7 makes sense. Of course, these are only guesses and there is no hard evidence, when Apple wants to present its flagship.

There is another possibility. Apple shows iPhone a little earlier due to the increased release of the MacBook Pro, which is also to be shown this year. The idea is that the products hit the shelves before Christmas – sometimes the best sales for technology companies.

What may, however, suggest that the iPhone but will be unveiled later this stage of development of iOS 10. The new version of the system is currently in beta 5, and calls for many more amendments. It is unclear whether Apple has time to introduce a stable release of the system before the beginning of September. A 7 rather iPhone certainly appears iOS 10 on board.

Source: Bloomberg


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