Thursday, August 11, 2016

T-Mobile Poland had 1.5 billion zł revenue in the second quarter – Banker

T-Mobile Poland reached a total revenue of 1.5 billion zł in
  The second quarter of 2016 which is lower by 4.7% y / y. adjusted EBITDA
 It amounted to 438 million zł (decrease of 25.9% y / y) and EBITDA margin in the period
 It reached 29.2%, the operator.


“In the second quarter of this year. Total revenue T-Mobile Poland reached
 a value of 1.5 billion zł, and throughout the first half of the year amounted to 2,016 years
 3.148 billion zł and were lower by 0.9% compared to the same period
 2015 “- says in the message.


In the second quarter of this year. adjusted EBITDA T-Mobile Poland amounted to 438 million
  zł. On the lower EBITDA affected by one-time event related
  settlement of wholesale international roaming services in
 the amount of 62 million zł. Excluding this effect, EBITDA in this period
 would reach a value of 500 million zł, and the EBITDA margin was 31.9%. Results
 Consolidated first half of the year. T-Mobile Poland at
 EBITDA amounted to 959 million zł, with an EBITDA margin of 30.5%, given the


“The main factors influencing the performance of T-Mobile in Poland
 the first half of 2016 years are very high competition and related
  an increase in advertising and marketing expenses, as well as higher operating costs
 Call interconnection resulting from greater user activity
 tariffs nielimitowanymi services. The costs of these activities in the accumulation of
 market trends have a clear impact on the EBITDA of the company “-
 said a member of the management board. Financial T-Mobile Poland Szabolcs
 Gaborjani, quoted in the release.


T-Mobile Poland at the end of June 2016. handled 11.635 million
 customers. Service customer base totaled 6.516 million subscribers, and services
  prepaid 5,119 million. The number of net additions in the customer base
 contract in the second quarter. 2016. improved, both in comparison to the
 last year and the previous quarter. Reached today by
  T-Mobile Poland is the best result since the fourth quarter of 2013. Including
 same time the base of pre-paid users decreased by
 183 thousand. compared to the first three months of the year. This is primarily
 all the effect of introducing a new standard of maintenance of systems
 Numbers prepaid after their expiry date, are also given.


“T-Mobile Poland effectively implemented the plan to return to the path of growth
  contract customer base. Positively we catch a market promotions and
 we see the first effects of these measures. In the second quarter, our results
  in postpaid are the best for more than two years. at the very
 competitive market reversal was made possible by simplifying
 tariff plans, taking many of its image aimed at
 customers and strengthening the presence of T-Mobile in the media “- he said
 CEO Adam Sawicki, quoted in the release.


T-Mobile Poland has enjoyed steady growth in consumption data
 customers, which is especially visible in the use of LTE. IN
 Compared to last year the number of all data transferred
  the T-Mobile network increased by 106% – UMTS sent by 47%
 more data and, in the case of LTE the increase was as high as 348%.
 Also reported in the material.


Network services T-Mobile and Heyah are available at nearly 100% of the
 Polish. The first co-founder and currently the sole owner
 T-Mobile Poland is a group of Deutsche Telekom, which owns, among others,
 T-Mobile and T-Systems.


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