Friday, August 12, 2016

Perseids 2016, watching a falling star in Chorzow and Piekary Slaskie –

Every year the Perseids orbit – one of the most famous swarms of meteors – crosses Earth’s orbit. The swarm is active from 17 July to 24 August, but the highest intensity Perseid provides just the night from 12th to 13th August. The night sky will be up to 120 “shooting stars” per hour.

This year the conditions conducive to observers because the August nights are warm and cloudless, and observations will not be disturbed by the moon – will appear in the sky only for several minutes before sunrise. Observation will not need any equipment. Just find a shaded place and look at the sky.

The cooperative watching for “shooting stars” invites Chorzowskie planetarium. Park Silesian bring your sun bed or sleeping mat, sandwiches and drinks. From 21 hours will start to watch for celebrities and common lecture by Dr. Jack Czekańskiego, who will lead the narrative and tell what it is worth paying attention to the night sky.

Great conditions will also ensure the observation of the sky at Mound Liberation in Piekary Slaskie. Tonight there will be a second Piekarska Night of Fallen Stars.

To Perseid swarm was more visible on this night in the area around the mound is turned off lights, so it is worth to bring a flashlight.

in addition to watching the shooting stars waiting also attractions such as competitions with prizes, screening of the film, Amadeus Miszudy lecture on the topic “Space dust” and music played until morning. Beginning II Piekarskiej Night of Fallen Stars at 19.30.

Entry of cars will be possible from the street. Liberation (departure also in the direction of ul. Liberation). You can leave your car in the parking lot at Mound Liberation.



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