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IO in Rio: Adrian Zielinski on doping. Sample A clear! – Newspaper Pomeranian

- I have no illusions about what the outcome of this study – said Szymon Kołecki, president of the Polish Association of Weightlifting, just after 13.00, during a brief meeting with reporters.

He confirmed that the test results have influenced the Commission Against Doping in Sport. This at 16.00 held a press conference. A for the Michael Rynkowski announced that the body sztangisty Zawisza Bydgoszcz detected nandrolone. The player has the right to test the B sample.

As we reported on the doping Adrian Zielinski on Wednesday

nandrolone sample A was detected at 4.1 ng per ml. This is much less than the younger brother of Thomas, who caught a few days earlier, but at the same time twice more than allowed by the rules of the World Anti-Doping Agency. It was a sample taken in the country at the beginning of July. Rynkowski said that in the next concentration of illicit center dropped to normal levels.

Adrian Zielinski on Saturday was scheduled to start in the competition in the cat. 94 kg in Rio, had to fight for a medal for the Polish. However, it will have to go back to the country. The results had already been informed by the Commission.

Recall that a few days earlier on doping came up with his brother Thomas. His body was found nandrolone – showed that the two samples taken in Rio, confirmed the result of research material collected in early July in Poland (but audited only now). Knocked brothers is one of the biggest fiasco in the history of Polish sport.

Both of them were expelled from the national team, and the expulsion of the club structures already announced the CWZS Zawisza, to which the brothers moved from Tarpan Mrocza. They face disqualification for four years and the exclusion of the other IO for four years.

Prof. Smorawiński: Nandrolone remains in widespread use. Only in the last two years we had four positive cases, only among Olympic weightlifters.

Error Polish Olympic mission Rio 2016: “Polish Mission Olympic Rio 2016 announces that based on the information received today from the Commission to the Anti-Doping in Sport, confirming the positive (in both samples – “a” and “B”) the result of conducted in the country of research doping in possession weightlifting – Adrian Zielinski, president of the Polish Olympic Committee, president of the Polish Olympic Committee Andrzej Kraśnicki, in consultation with the minister of sport and tourism Witold Bubble, decided to exclude this player the representation and obliged him to leave the Olympic village. ”

Rynkowski stressed, however, that this message is not accurate. Sample B will be tested only on a possible request Zielinski. We do not know yet whether weightlifter on it chooses.

Doping Zielinski is a disaster for the whole Polish sport and weights. On Thursday, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism announced inspections at Polish Weightlifting Association and the possibility of a total suspension of the grant. – There will be radical decisions. We will support the discipline corroded by doping. Weightlifting has to clean up – told “Gazeta Wyborcza” Minister Witold bubble.

Statement of the Board CWZS Zawisza Bydgoszcz

“In view of the situation and the positive results of anti-doping research our competitors ZIELIŃSKI Thomas and Adriana ZIELIŃSKI Board of CWZS ,, Zawisza” Bydgoszcz – Weightlifting suspended w / w rights competitor and member of the Club.

After the completion of the procedures and possible confirmation of guilt towards the players, they will be excluded from membership in our club. Up to this point refrains from commenting on the situation.

also advised that in view of the situation next Tuesday (16 August 2016) will be held meeting of the Board CWZS Zawisza Bydgoszcz – Weightlifting.

At the same time, we declare that the Board CWZS Zawisza Bydgoszcz – Weightlifting strongly condemns the use of any banned doping agents and abides by all athletes from their drug use and the consequences of their use. ”

Management CWZS ,, Zawisza “Bydgoszcz – Weightlifting

Adrian Zielinski refutes allegations of doping – that was on 10 August.

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