Friday, August 12, 2016

T-Mobile close to reversing the negative trend – Republic

It was not until two weeks will be available complete data to assess the image of mobile market in Poland in the first half, but there’s no sign that there has been a reshuffle in the ranking in terms of number of users.

the top five

Fifth place belongs to Virgin Mobile, a virtual operator, which – according to Grazyna Piotrowska-Oliwa – in June, had almost 420 thousand. users about 50 thousand. more than in March.

The fourth place in terms of activated SIM cards will probably continue to occupy T-Mobile Poland, that the second quarter of this year. She finished with 11.635 million cards, losing in three months 186 thousand.

The third place will once again Plus, the other probably Play (could get about 250 thousand. users and have them more than 14.5 million). The first part of the Orange Poland, the results of which are already known: in the second quarter. Won a record 431 thousand. SIM cards.

Despite the fourth place in the qualification T-Mobile does not lose hope that the bad luck will turn around. The more that a group of customers, which is fighting the hardest – contract customers – it shrank in the second quarter. This year. Only about 3 thousand. Adam Sawicki, CEO of T-Mobile Poland, believes that the trend has turned. – Our performance in postpaid are the best for more than two years. In a very competitive market reversal was made possible by simplifying the tariff plans, taking many of its image and strengthen the presence of T-Mobile in the media – says Sawicki.

Internet is not enough

Customers of mobile use increasing amounts of data, but telecoms revenues from mobile services, their core business, and so fall. The exception is the play, but it was seen in the half-year results and Orange can be seen also at T-Mobile, whose influence in the second quarter. This year. They were up 4.7 percent. lower than last year and amounted to 1.5 billion zł.

Holes lost customers and receipts from charges for mobile phone calls not showered T-Mobile business stationary. Marketing activity, as well as the cost of the contract signed by the owner – Deutsche Telekom – have made in the second quarter. This year. T-Mobile recorded a strong decline in EBITDA. Stronger than Orange Poland, though the company has an extensive network of unfashionable fixed telephony, which loses more than it earns.

T-Mobile EBITDA fell by 26 per cent., To 437 million zł. If not for the cost of contracts with Vodafone Group DT Ukraine concerning international roaming, the result of Polish companies would be about 62 million zł higher (would fall by 15 per cent.), And the EBITDA margin would be 31.9 percent. And at 29.2 percent. was lower than in Orange Poland by 0.5 percentage points.

The results of T-Mobile are reflected not only expenditure on advertising. Costs operators also grow because more talk on the cell. Increase when a customer calls to the number in the network of another operator (if they pay to competitors MTR rate, termination).

The average user T-Mobile on the phone in the second quarter. By 30 percent. more than a year ago, for 213 minutes. Orange customer and 232 minutes, 10 minutes longer than last year.


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