Friday, August 12, 2016

Bon to the drugstore in 1000 zł – beware, this scam! – Interia

Experts warn – if you receive a Facebook notification to add to the group, which offers vouchers to the drugstore, you better watch out. Already several thousand people have fallen into this trap. Careless attempt to take advantage of the promised vouchers may end up phishing from users of their logins and passwords for Facebook, which finally may end up taking over their accounts. One of the conditions for obtaining the alleged bills include send SMS messages.


                              Facebook group offering vouchers to the drugstore


In the last few days, Facebook users receive a notification informing them that they’ve been added by your friends to closed groups of users who access the vouchers to popular drugstore. One such group on Facebook, called “BONY 1000zl TO VARIOUS drugstore”, attracted more than 6,000 users.

After entering the page group, the user can read the instructions on how to get a gift certificate to the store. It says that you must first visit the site given web page. After clicking on the link given in the instructions, you are redirected to a page that looks like this dedicated to log in to your account on Facebook. The fact that this fraud provides, among others, the address shown in the browser bar. The fake page extorts data to log into Facebook.

Typing your email address and password, resulting in the display of the next page, on which an Internet user can select which voucher would like to get to Rossmann, Sephora, SUPER-PHARM like. After clicking on the option selected, the user is once again transferred to another site, where is asked to provide two codes. The trouble is that in order to receive it, the internet has to send two SMS to the number 92550th The cost of one SMS, sent to this number, the 30,75 zł gross.

In addition to the loss of money, the internet after falling into the trap of losing the control of your Facebook account. Entering data to log in to a fake website that makes the scammers receive full control over a user account and on behalf of his friends can add to these groups, “offering vouchers”. In this way, subsequent users fall into the trap. Fraudsters also lend credence to the group on Facebook, posting on behalf of the people belonging to it posts expressing positive opinions: ,, Well, at the end of the 2 together until I managed to win hihi important that I have “,” seriously it works I also managed to win but thanks to mega “” Bon realized you can enjoy a great opportunity. “

Experts from the company Eset prepared some advice for users to help minimize the unpleasant consequences of falling into the trap:

– always keep vigilance in click through the extraordinary offers and posts offering free shopping;

– if you’ve fallen into the trap, and you have entered your details to log in to the site – as soon as you change your password. It is possible this situation, that your password has been changed, then use the password reset feature;

– if you send paid SMS – block with your provider the opportunity to receive paid SMS Premium. Usually, simply contact customer support and send a special SMS;

– if you have not fallen into the trap, but the friend added you to a group offering vouchers – as soon as you sign out from her, and in the appropriate box, select, , lock the other members the opportunity to re-add you to that group. ”


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