Saturday, August 13, 2016

You slept Perseids? Nothing lost [WAITING FOR YOUR PHOTOS] – Express Bydgoski

In the night from Thursday to Friday was the culmination of rain Perseids. If for some reason you could not look at the sky – calms. Today shooting stars also should not miss.

Although falling from the direction of the constellation Perseus meteors can be seen from the second half of July, but their so-called. the maximum was scheduled for the night of 11 on 12 August.
– Moreover, there is a chance that the maximum will be repeated in the night from 12th to 13th August – says Marcin Gawronski of the Center for Astronomy at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

NASA gave, that this year will see twice as many Perseids than in previous years.

However, Gawronski approached reservations about the announcement. – Similarly supposed to be in 2015, it announced that within an hour you will see about 200 shooting stars. The reality was not so perfect. With stars, especially those falling so it is, that it is difficult to predict with absolute precision – smiles.

Astronomer but strongly recommends observing the Perseids: – Because they are very bright objects, so we do not need to leave the city in the areas of darkened to see them in the sky – he says. – I myself will watch them from the balcony of his block on the estate. Of course, the further we will be from bright places (eg. Street lights), the better.

In the sky devoid of glow light meteor shower will be especially pronounced.

– The Perseids will see with the naked eye. You have to determine the sky virtual strip between the North West and the South East, sit or lie down in a deck chair and look in this area. Soon we will see “shooting stars”, unless there is cloud cover – says Dr. Gawronski. Of course it does not hurt to comment minds wishes apparently falling star they meet.

The Perseids are the most famous of the meteoric swarms throughout the year. Will be active until the third week of August.

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