Thursday, August 4, 2016

Psyllosoft team from the United States to return home without victory, but with a wealth of experience – Biał

Team Psyllosoft of Bialystok University of Technology took part in the global finals of the Imagine Cup technology competition, which unveiled the device mati. Despite the lack of winning, students recognize the trip as very successful.

 the Fellowship  of the Psyllosoft of the US returns without a win,  but with a wealth of experience

Photo: Bialystok University of Technology

this year’s finals of the Imagine Cup was held in Redmond, in Washington

Team Psyllosoft PB form two students: Petros Psyllos from the Department of Computer Science and Krzysztof Bujnarowski from the Faculty of Management. Their device for the blind Mati has so far appreciated in many prestigious competitions. Above its construction he supervised by Dr. Jerzy Sienkiewicz.

Mati is an automated vision system that can replace the missing organ of vision. Thanks to the team Psyllosoft as the storm passed preliminaries national Imagine Cup competition. Then she took part in the semi-finals, and the world’s finals, students were invited to Redmond, Washington, where the headquarters of Microsoft.

Luxury technology competition was played in three categories: World Citizenship, Innovation and Games . In each attended by a dozen teams from around the world. The jury consisted of representatives of science, business, and Microsoft.

– Just so happened that in our committee representative of MIT was blind. This lady was checking on him, how does Mati. In the meantime, there were meetings and presentations with representatives from Microsoft – reported Petros Psyllos. – Jay Beavers, Engineering Manager at Microsoft Research, showed us laboratories, which are developed device dedicated to people with various disabilities. Pledged financial support for our projects and … offered a job – enjoyed Psyllos.

This proposal and the opportunity to learn how to operate one of the largest companies in the world compensated by the lack of students winning the Imagine Cup competition. In this year’s final won by the team from Romania, who proposed application monitoring posture.

– The most precious value is adventure, continuous learning, experiencing different situations. Survival Imagine Cup provides a full range of emotions – from stress, the fatigue, nervousness after joy. Here, everyone is a winner – summed up Krzysztof Bujnarowski.


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