Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Another shot of carbide – Spider’s Web

What surprised the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Carefully looked through the specification, materials manufacturer, and of course texts on Spider’s Web. The answer is brutally trivial: nothing.

Conference Samsung is another shot of the carbide major technological concern. Galaxy Note 7 is a great hardware, but devoted his conference like a hole pumping tube, contributes nothing. It’s nothing personal, just manufacturers of smartphones are looking for the Holy Grail, they are bending over backwards to attract the attention of consumers and the media. For a long time out badly.

This year surprised me basically just two conferences.

The first was organized by LG, presenting modular model G5. The second Lenovo, showing Moto Z and Phab 2 Pro with Google Tango. You can cling, flinch at LG, the company did not work out, and although Lenovo modules approached wisely, is also not delighted. Additional “plecki” in “Zetce” will be expensive, and critics live to see the removal of the headphone jack and stereo speakers. In the case of both companies can be seen at least attempt to seek innovation. Indeed, good intentions is paved with hell, but both release aroused even minimal interest.

What surprises Note 7?

A better stylus and the fact that you can use it in the shower (yes, Samsung used this argument in promotional materials)? Excuse the hell my smartphone while bathing? Iris scanner? Camera of Galaxy S7? Battery capacity of 3500 mAh? “Ready for a change?” – Asks the company on its website. I scroll it up and down in search of features that would make me to purchase and sorry, but I do not see them.

I am not convinced or accessories. Ok, well, they are. “Mobile” lenses with a dedicated housing can be useful smartfonowym photographers. However, they are not new. Case with a keyboard? Okay, but does not change the general acceptance of the product. Leather Case, Clear Cover, with an extra battery? Everything has been done.

I repeat: Galaxy Note 7 will probably be a great smartphone.

He can not move already on the device with a screen smaller than 5.5-inch. I also appreciate the advantages of the stylus. Well I enjoyed it while testing the next Note’ów. Add to that between the top and the specifications of the device have the highest class. Samsung, however, has not shown anything that would cause my delight.

I suppose that the Korean manufacturer, willy-nilly, anticipates what we see at the conference Apple. But it is not about the product itself, but the “package him.” I am convinced that the presentation of the new iPhone will be based on a similar marketing ekwilibrystyce. Staff people endeavoring probably before the conference, Samsung on the issue Fri. “As with anything to do something.” All signs in the heavens and the earth indicate that the same will be the case of the American company.

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