Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Elon Musk SolarCity will take over for 2.6 billion dollars – Gazeta.pl

As stated in the official blog Tesla joint efforts of the two companies is the best decision for the development of technologies for capturing and storing solar energy. The amount of the transaction (2.6 billion dollars, 25.37 dollar per share) proved to be lower than the original proposal of almost 200 million and caused a decline in the value of shares in both entities at the close of the US stock market (Tesla lost two percentage point, while SolarCity more than seven) .

 Shares SolarCity on American & # x144;  Union nd & # x142; be source: NASDAQ

the combination of production electric car Tesla, household batteries and solar panels SolarCity is a long-term plan Elon Musk designed to offer customers a complete ecosystem of products based on renewable energy. The focal point of the entire project is to be launched recently in Nevada cost of $ 5 billion a huge factory battery Gigafactory.

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Interestingly, SolarCity is the largest American company engaged in the production of roof solar panels. It is managed by cousins ​​Elon Musk, and he so far has been its largest shareholder and a member of the supervisory board. To avoid potential lawsuits related to the conflict of interest did not participate in the meetings of the supervisory board voted in favor of the proposal to buy the company.


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