Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Unknown group of hackers attacks. Suspicious Russia – TVN24 BiS

experts. Cybersecurity investigating reports of a group of hackers hacking computers organizations affiliated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) – announces on Tuesday the newspaper “Wall Street Journal”.

Sage reported & quot; unauthorized logon & quot; Software

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Unknown to date a group of “Shadow Brokers” stressed on Saturday in an online post that came into the possession of the US tools for cyber warfare. To buttress this information was published some captured codes used for attacks on routers.

But some experts. Security, which refers to “WSJ” cast doubt on reports of stealing US tools to fight cyber. Published by hackers code was called to help. Equation Group (considered to be a branch of the NSA for. Cyber) to hacking routers three American companies: Cisco, Juniper Networks and Fortinet, as well as two Chinese Shaanxi Networkcloud Information Technology and Beijing TOPSEC Network Security Technology – explains the “WSJ”.

Russia or China

About “Shadow Brokers” are analyzed by many experts. security. Some of them points out that the code revealed by hackers contains the lines of the software used by the NSA to act on the Internet.

– Whoever stole those documents, he wants the world to know about it. The list of suspects is pretty short and are on the Russia and China, and given the recent espionage affairs between Washington and Moscow, it can be assumed that it is behind it – stressed in the sent “WSJ” news analyst at the International Institute of Computer Science, an institution associated with University of California, Nicholas Weaver.

he added that the hackers published the code contains fragments of programs that might be available only for those who have direct access to computers NSA. He pointed out that there are indeed similar to the software described in the documents disclosed by Edward Snowden.

Multiple unknown

The former analyst NSA employee Area 1 Security Oren Falkowitz emphasizes, however, that it is not known how hackers could take possession of the published data. They claim that made this, breaking into computers related to the US services – like “WSJ”.

– We do not know exactly what it means, that the hacked computers. Maybe someone just came in and stole the data – added Falkowitz.

The battle in cyberspace

ZR & oacute ; DLO: Shutterstock Endangered 900 million smartphone & oacute; wi tablet & oacute; in

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Meanwhile, another former NSA employee and co-founder of Carbon Black, Ben Johnson warns against unambiguous combining Equation Group with the NSA. In his opinion, can not yet assess how much information was stolen.

– People should not think that the NSA has been hacked. Certainly hackers made some attempts, but in general I am not convinced that they had won a complete set of state-of tools (to fight cyber) – Johnson said.

Last year, established in Russia, Kaspersky Lab reported. Equation Group that is responsible for a series of cyber attacks on government computers, telecommunications companies and other entities in countries such as Russia, Iraq and Iran. NSA neither denied nor confirmed in the past links with Equation Group.

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