Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Samsung will be producing each month 3 million copies Galaxy Note 7 – Tabletowo.pl

to Samsung exceptionally went Galaxy Note 7. Customers around the world wanted to have this model and the manufacturer intends to do everything to sell as many copies of its latest smartphone. That’s why every month of production lines is down 3 million pieces of the sixth generation of Notepad .

For comparison, the Galaxy Note 5 produced in an average copies 1.6 million copies, which means that in the case Galaxy Note 7 doubled production. This is to help as much as possible to meet the demand for this model. Earlier forecasts assumed that by the end of the year, Samsung sold 12 million units of the latest Notepad . However, after the start of pre-sales estimates increased by 50%, to 18 million copies.

It’s a huge number, so Samsung decided to further protect themselves and seek new partnerships with suppliers of individual parts. Currently, talks are being held with as many as ten manufacturers who would have to deal with the production of camera module to the Galaxy Note 7. This will not only increase the supply, but the Koreans and protect against the effects of possible accident, which could completely stop the production process (as your time painfully convinced the Meizu).

Interestingly, now residents of some countries are inadequately Storage – Prime Minister Galaxy Note 7 in Malaysia, Russia, the Netherlands and Ukraine has been postponed because of this. Here in Poland, fortunately, everything went according to plan – today launched presale this model.

Source: The Korea Herald


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