Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We know the release date of Samsung Gear S3. What surprise us with a new watch Koreans? – Spider’s Web

Samsung invites you to the premiere of his new smartzegarka, Gear S3. I have to admit that very well guarded their secrets.

The new teaser that Samsung has placed on his Twitter, says absolutely nothing about the upcoming Gear S3, but the date of its release:

Samsung Gear S3 will debut on August 31.

Samsung gave only the official release date of its new watch: August 31, that is, just before the IFA 2016 in Berlin.

I have to give Korean producer, what his – in the case of a new SmartWatch mystery keeps masterfully. Especially when we compare the situation to watch a preview of the new situation Note’a 7, which before the launch we knew basically everything. The new Gear S3 we basically just enough that it will be round and it certainly did not abandon the rotating crown, which was introduced in last year’s gear S2:

With all sorts of leaks (which was this time, surprisingly enough), we can conclude just enough, probably along with regular Gear S3 will also be the active version, equipped with a barometer and GPS. Possible is also more “luxury” version for more affluent customers, but when it comes to reliable information, it’s … I do not know anything.

How pamper pampered longer product?

I remember very well last year premiere Gear S2. Relating it straight from Berlin wrote that to Samsung managed to do what has not made neither Google nor Apple – convinced me that the SmartWatch can actually be something more than just a media notifications. That SmartWatch can actually stand in the center of the house equipped with Internet stuff, it’s SmartWatch will serve to support it.

Until Gear S2 was the product so refined that in addition to the standard complaints about the working time away from the wall, it was hard to fault.

that’s why this year I expect pampered rather than revolution. Maintenance design, perhaps with a slight nod to the design of new Galaxy S7 and Note’a 7. certainly maintain the rotary bezel, which is a fantastic way to interact with a smart watch. Certainly we can also count on a better battery and more efficient components is granted. When it comes to the main line of sales of the new gear S3, I would not expect a revolution.

A revolution rather occurs around the clock. Behind the scenes a lot of talk about the offensive on the household appliance market, which Samsung leads gradually over the years, and which has gain a faster pace after this year’s IFA. Because it is on the development of other categories depends on whether the gear S3 conquer the hearts of customers. Because what that could potentially use it to control the Internet stuff, if … nobody Internet of Things will not have? Only a wider expansion devices connected to our homes can make the gear S3 as a command center IoT will have meaning.

That’s what I expect from the new watch Samsung. That will not be a device in the center, but rather a complementary tool to control all the separate category of equipment, which Samsung will flood us during the IFA in 2016.

This does not mean that the Gear S3 will be boring to continue, not to , I did not say that. I expect something exactly the opposite – that Samsung will show the device so flattering that Apple and Google will be downgraded before you even show new versions of its smartwatchów.

Am I right? We’ll find out in two weeks.


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