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UPC gets a penalty and refund the money for illegal raising charges for internet? –

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Proceedings against telecommunications operator UPC has initiated in January 2015 year on the basis of media reports and consumer complaints. Office raised doubts about how to increase the price for internet access at 7 zł per month. The new fee came into force on 1 December 2014 year.

Agreement which concluded with suppliers of various services for an indefinite period, may be changed only when the contract are properly called. clauses modification.

UPC unlawfully informed consumers to increase the subscription for the Internet

President of the OCCP stated that “unlawfully company UPC informed consumers to increase the subscription for the Internet.” The agreements concluded with consumers lacked a modification clause, which should indicate when and in what situation the price may change. – In such a situation UPC should not unilaterally change contracts. Practice entrepreneurs violate good manners, because the increase was dependent only on the will of the operator. Consumers could pay a higher price or cancel the contract, he had the possibility of using the existing offer – explains Marek Niechciał, president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

After the decision of the OCCP will be final, subscribers will receive reimbursement for paid each month. until June 2016. If the consumer has paid a higher amount since December 2014. June 2016., he should receive 133 zł. UPC inform the consumers. The operative part of the decision is to be published in a national daily and on the trader’s website. At UPC also imposed a fine of 817 thousand. zł for violation of the collective interests of consumers. The decision is not final, subject to appeal to the Court of Competition and Consumer Protection.

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