Monday, August 8, 2016

WOPR about vacationing on the Baltic Sea: A lot of situations of extreme disregard for the basic principles –

Almost one hundred percent of the drownings is the result of irresponsible behavior of people on the water; often do not follow the basic rules, for example. bathe in places unguarded and at a time when the red flag is posted – said the president of the Voluntary Water Rescue province. Pomeranian, Marek Koperski. He noted that in recent years the majority among those who drowned during a holiday on the water are the adult males. He stressed that children and women are more at each opinion.

People do not respect the basic rules on the Polish coast, bathe, come from children to the water when hung out red flag – explained Koperski. He said that last Sunday holidaymakers in Wladyslawowo, where due to the prevailing difficult conditions a ban on bathing, phoned the police and reported that rescuers do not allow them to bathe. They asked rescuers for their names, call the police and report that they do not allow them to enter the water – he added. There are a lot of situations of extreme disregard for the basic principles of such nonchalance – rated.

” the red flag is not flown because rescuers do not want to work … “

at the bathing flags are posted in the following colors: white and red. White means that bathing is allowed and red – prohibits bathing. red flag is not flown because rescuers do not want to work, because they still have to be on call and watch this episode of water, but because the conditions are threatening the safety of bathers – Koperski said. The sea is the element of water at the moment is not transparent, a careless and can lead to tragedy – warned.

A red flag is flown when eg. Water temperature is below 14 degrees Celsius, visibility is limited to 50 m, the wind speed exceeds 5 on the Beaufort scale, there is a wave of more than 70 cm, there are strong currents mirror, it takes rescue operation, there is a chemical or biological contamination of water or of lightning. President WOPR admitted that not all holidaymakers on the water also point to the whistles and messages given by lifeguards on the prohibition of entering the water.

If our recreational above the water, it does not look only at the their children, but also looking around for other things, if someone does not live too long under water – added the head of the Pomeranian WOPR-u. He stressed that in five minutes you can react and help someone, if more time, it can lead to tragedy.

Police and WOPR remind us that we should bathe only in guarded and under no circumstances enter the water in places prohibited. Children should have fun on the water only under the watchful care of adults. When children enter the water zabezpieczmy them in special sleeves. Under no circumstances should you enter the water after drinking alcohol. After a long lying in the sun let’s not go straight into the water, first gradually zmoczmy body. In this way we will avoid thermal shock. The water is a big threat to alcohol, drugs, drugs.



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