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α6500 – new Sony camera with an APS-C (video) –

Sony α6500 belongs to the family of devices bezlusterkowych Sony and the same as the model α6300 equipped with a system AF 4D Focus, which can focus within 0.05 seconds. Element of the system is 425 zones based on detecting phase technology High density AF Tracking to improve detection and tracking of objects.

α6500 equipped with a touch screen, whereby the user can adjust the focus on a specific object by touching the screen. This feature is in addition to the improved AUTOFOCUS and video recording mode. α6500 it’s also the first Sony camera with the function of the trackpad: this role may fit the LCD screen, and for programming and control image is used then the viewfinder. Swiping your finger across the screen so that you can move the focus point from one fragment to another.

Inside the case α6500 is located 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS APS-C format, which in combination with the image processor Bionz X and the newly developed system LSI. The combination of these three components provides a sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 51 200. The camera has a viewfinder XGA OLED Tru-Finder with a resolution of 2.4 million pixels magnesium alloy body, reinforced lens mount, large holder for the right hand more than the shutter button for a total of 10 buttons user functions (including “C1″, “C2″ and “C3″), of the eyeball, made of soft rubber.

the New model operates up to 11 frames per second while maintaining continuous operation of automatic focusing and tracking impact. Also available shooting mode in live view, in which the maximum speed is 8 frames per second. This mode allows you to easily track objects in fast motion – combines the advantages of an electronic viewfinder with a lag in an optical viewfinder. Due to the increased buffer, the camera allows you to register up to 307 personnel, which is a credit to the recently introduced chip with high integration. The objectives of the new system should also optimize the image quality on photos and in films.

the camera uses 5-axis optical image stabilization system, due to which there is an opportunity to increase exposure by 5 degrees, and to select AF area.

New α6500 allows you to record 4K-resolution video to the SD card. This model allows you to record video in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160p) format Super 35 mm, when using the full width of the matrix. While recording video the camera reads all of the pixels not matching. As a result, the data collected 6K (equivalent to 20 mega pixels) approx. contain 2.4 times more pixels than the image in 4K UHD.

the Camera is compatible with the video codec XAVC S and provides data transfer rate up to 100MB/sec when you record images in 4K and 50 Mbps for video in Full HD. Other features include video is recorded in Full HD at the rate of 100 frames/sec at speeds up to 100 Mb/s and with focus tracking. These records can be checked and set at four times slow motion, in HD Full HD (25p). In turn, the new mode S&Q, designed to record video in slow motion and an accelerated rate, gives a choice of 8 frame rate range from 1 to 100 frames/sec. It allows you to record materials intended for viewing in a wide range of speeds: from 50-fold accelerated 4 times exempt turnovers.

during recording, you can use gamma curves, S-Log, which expand the dynamic range of recorded image: if you set gamma to S-Log3 dynamics is approx. 14 EV steps. The camera also supports enhanced color space S-Gamut. The user can select frames from a video and save them as photos. In the case of recording 4K resolution obtained is approx. 8 megapixels and the HD video is 2 megapixels.

the List of features the camera also includes silent pictures Eye AF in AF-C mode, the automatic focus when you zoom, the ability to upload via Bluetooth, the data about the place shooting photos, the source of which may be cooperating mobile device, as well as expanding the mode of point with a choice of AF sensor.

in addition, α6500 compatible with the technology Wi-Fi, QR and NFC. It also works with the Sony PlayMemories Mobile app, available in versions for iOS and Android system. To enhance the functionality of the device, you can use the PlayMemories Camera Apps.

a New camera with interchangeable lenses Sony α6500 will be available in Europe from December this year.

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