Wednesday, October 19, 2016

From the epidermis, through the egg, until the mouse. It’s not sci-fi, only the recent experiment by Japanese scientists – Policy

a New method of obtaining eggs and healthy offspring, have inspired commentators around the world. Mostly OST piewcy use in medicine stem cells because to them it is a team of scientists from Japan put his experiment.

generally Speaking, it was in the first phase on przeprogramowaniu skin cells into embryonic stem cells which were derived germ cells that were grown from them Mature oocytes were subjected to in vitro fertilization and end poczęto healthy organisms.

this Whole procedure – and article published in “Nature” is applicable in the case of the mice, not people. But the voices, which opens up the loophole for the possibility of procreation, which still remained in the circle of science fiction. This once again shows the way in which modern science, and which is not going to turn around. Is there a possibility that give us stem cells obtained from the depths of our body, not as early embryos (which was regularly made against the ardent defenders of life from the so-called conception) – soon we will be able to use infertility treatment? I am inclined to believe that, Yes.

the experiment described in the famous letter research referenced today no less authoritative agencies, conducted by researchers from the Kyushu University in Fukuoce was not in any way made? This is the first question that presses on the lips after many wpadkach associated with cloning and such similar studies, the authors of which in years past were Asians. Let’s assume that Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi for fraud, however, should not be. Many will consider him for the master, playing God (or criticism will take into account that the experiment involved laboratory mice, not people?), but from an ethical point of view, did not commit any abuses.

the idea was, the consent of the ethics Committee, and a team of colleagues with open minds and heroines – rodents who cope with the data of the enterprises of the study, as it is this method since time immemorial possible progress in biology and in medicine.

Recently, the birth of a boy three parents drew attention to the fact that friends see in the methods of in vitro fertilization intervention in the laws of nature, but removed from religion, moral laws can not stop the development of scientific research. Especially those aimed at creating new treatments or associated with the new application of scientific discoveries.

When in Catholic countries there is the objection part of the public opinion against such experiments and procedures, far less ethical resistance are scientists from Asia: China, Taiwan, South Korea or, as in this case, Japan. It is in that part of the world today leads most of the analyses on zarodkach and stem cells, which can lead to the fact that access to the modern technologies of conservative Europeans and Americans will be forced in the future to pay dearly.

the Technology used on mice, through which were born healthy specimens from eggs (which de facto had no right to occur in normal conditions), yet only gives hope that women completely lost the function of the ovaries will be able to rely in the future on their own. What is possible today in lab animals doesn’t always work in humans – biology is too complex to wave a magic wand to transfer the results of experiments with rodents to humans.

But when the first step, as it is today the grounds will be done, nothing will stop others before to continue the research and sooner or later they will go on people. Some won’t like it. I hope they are in the minority.


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