Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shares Netfliksa increased strongly up after the closing session. Where’s the leap? – Gazeta.pl

This is the latest data on the number of subscribers of the site caused a burst of optimism. In the third quarter growth was recorded at 3.2 million accounts (in total, Netflix already has 86.7 million accounts worldwide). It is much more than originally anticipated.

Their contribution to the success of dorzuciły great TV shows that draw on the website a lot of new viewers. We are talking in particular about the Narcos do Stranger Things. And then there is the performances from the Netflix Originals thus, the potential seems huge.

Increase subscribers baseóNetfliksa in  the third quarter of 2016source: Bloomberg

the Attention of investors is associated with Netfliksem focused on two factors: the growth prospects of the global dimension as well as a huge amount of money pumped into new productions.Only this year will be used for this purpose up to $ 5 billion.

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Previous quarter was not so happy. Of the planned 2.5 million new subscribers globally, Netflix only made 1.7 million (30% less than planned), this site CEO, reed Hastings, apologized to the investors, explaining that the company is indeed growing, but not as fast as originally anticipated.

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Less than a month ago Netflix has officially made its debut in Poland, and in the service began appearing in Polish edition of movies and TV shows. Latest unofficial reports say the introduction of this year, functions in standalone mode, it is possible to download and view videos from the service without having Internet connection.


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