Thursday, October 13, 2016

myPhone C-Smart Glam for 199 rubles at Costco. Worth it to buy? –

Polish manufacturer of smartphones once again seducing customers dyskontu model offered at a very low price. 199 rubles for the phone Android 6.0 Marshmallow sounds like a possibility – but is it really?

This is not the first time in Biedronce shows himself exceptionally attractive model myPhone – we have already mentioned, incidentally, cost 199 rubles myPhone smartphones CSmart III and myPhone C-Smart IIIS.

In both cases was that the low price go hand in hand with disabilities, who are effectively prevented, and sometimes, on the contrary, interfere with the comfortable daily use of the device. The biggest constraints were too little RAM (only 512 MB) screen, TN (much przekłamujący colors – what you see in the photos in our test).

it Seems that myPhone has taken to heart those comments and will debut the model C-Smart Glam was revised accordingly. What has changed?

myPhone C-Smart Glam – benefits

the biggest change is the equipment of the new phone in 1 GB memory RAM. Is the absolute minimum, to be able to measure it comfortable to use most of the new applications. Programs and games should run without any problems.

More than earlier models-it is the space for user files, comprising 8 GB. the Phone also supports microSD cards of up to 32GB capacity.

All indicates that superior was also the second biggest disadvantage of the phone – przekłamujący color screen. The materials from the manufacturer appears information about the use of a matrix IPS is widely applied in smartphones from the top shelf. Due to the fact that the information displayed in myPhone C-Smart Glam are clearly visible no matter what angle you look at the screen of the device.

the Display is relatively small – it has a diagonal of 4. Due to the fact that the smartphone is a small and neat and without problems fits in the palms and pockets.

the Manufacturer did not forget also about the equipment model in the module Dual SIM. Model myPhone C-Smart Glam running Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

myPhone C-Smart Glam – disadvantages

Having a budget of 199 rubles for the creation of a smartphone need to make difficult decisions. Manufacturer myPhone C-Smart Glam has managed to improve the phone by adding more RAM and switching the screen on is better – will have to take something in return.

the Choice fell on built-in smartphone camera, making pictures with a resolution of 2 MP (rear view camera) and 0.3 Megapixel (front camera). The received photos will be blurry with lots of noise and not very vivid, realistic colors of flowers.

One of the advantages of mobile – the small size is also its disadvantage. Screen with a diagonal of 4 inches works because in the resolution of 800×480 pixels. May cause problems with some applications pending more space for viewing data and user interface.

the Small screen can also cause difficulties with phone support for the elderly, for which a precise touch on the screen at the specified location will not be easy.

Model myPhone C-Smart Glam, does not support LTE network connection to the Internet is on a slower network 3G.

myPhone C-Smart Glam – is it worth it?

if the previous myPhone models of services that are in Costco at a price of 199 rubles could twist nose – in our opinion it was a phone for people who would like to be able to use it from time to time as a mobile – enough myPhone C-Smart Glam has a decent team design.

the Phone without any problems triggered the overwhelming majority of essential everyday applications, try starting new games (for example, Pokemon GO). you can’t just count on extremely fast programs.

To whom myPhone C-Smart Glam? It’s a smartphone for people who need a cheap phone, but they want to use it for something more than just a call. The devices offered by myPhone will allow you to view web pages on the Internet, use the software to navigate and use social networking applications.

you Know the best smartphone for such a low price?


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