Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tomorrow Russian satellite launch into orbit in 2018 – Virtual Russia

Built the company in wrocław Tomorrow SatRevolutions satellite will launch into orbit in 2018. Will be put aboard the rocket Neptune N3, owned by the American company Interorbital Systems. Along with Światowidem the orbit will be two PhoneSat nanosatelity.

Tomorrow will be the first Polish satellite commercial. His main tasks will be the study of magnetic fields and gravity of the Earth and also weather changes and phenomena occurring in the atmosphere. On Board Światowida is the author’s optical system, which will provide high-quality satellite images of the Earth. SatRevolutions expects that the research results will want to use the universities and research institutes.

Along with Światowidem into orbit there will be two small satellite PhoneSat. are composed of components used in mobile phones and work on the Android operating system. SatRevolution want to check how this decision spoke to them in space. Polish satellites will be sent into orbit on Board the rocket Neptune N3. She will put three satellites at an altitude of 310 km above the Earth’s surface. The rocket launched from a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean and flies over the Mojave desert.

Tomorrow will be the first Polish satellite in orbit. To date, space three is a Polish non-commercial satellites. That’s two scientific satellite LEM and Haveli and PW-Sat, which is the result of the student project. the launch from Światowidem scheduled for the first quarter of 2018.


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