Thursday, October 6, 2016

We are the most valuable automotive brand in the world – Virtual Russia

Interbrand has published the next rating of the Best Global Brands, which lists the most valuable brands in the world. Among them could not be enough of these well-known from the world of automotive industry.

In the overall ranking won Apple, the cost of which was estimated at 178 billion dollars. Second place went to Google (133 billion dollars), and the third Coca-Cola (73 billion dollars). More famous car brand is Toyota, which took 5-th place in “generalce” with the result 53,58 billion. It is the result to 9 percent. better achieved in last year’s ranking of Best Global Brands.

Another Moto brand Mercedes-Benz, the cost of which rose by 18 percent. to the level 43,49 billion. Due to the fact that the Germans have ranked in 9th place in the overall standings. Two “ear” with the “Mercedes” is a BMW with a score of 41.53 billion dollars (+12%).

Definitely lower value than executives in the automotive catwalk trio has Honda – 22,10 billion (down 4 percent). The Japanese took 21 place. 33 amount went to Ford (of 12.96 billion, an increase of 12 percent), 35 – Hyundaiowi (12,54 billion, an increase of 11 percent), 38 – Audi (of 11.79 billion dollars, a rise of 14 per cent), 40 – Volkswagenowi (11,44 billion, a decline of 9 percent), and 43 – Nissan (of 11.06 billion, an increase of 22%). TOP 10 car brands closes 50 place Porsche (at 9.53 billion, an increase of 18 percent).

In the first hundred rating total also included Kia (69 place), Land Rover (78), Harley-Davidson (80), A – (88) and Tesla (100).

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