Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Google Glasses – The Republic

On the technical side, the smartphone Pixel and Pixel XL-this is one of the most advanced devices on the market. Want to compete not only with the products of Samsung or Huawei, but with the new iPhone-AMI. Pixel has a screen with a diagonal of 5 inches, Pixel XL — 5.5 inches. Cabinets made of glass and aluminum, components and more powerful camera (12.3 megapixel), it seems best installed in smartphones. And does not protrude from the housing, as in some devices of competitors — said from the stage in San Francisco, representatives from Google a, hinting on the equipment with the sign of the Apple. Smartphones also have an audio socket (here, too, Google is not darowało to mess with Apple) the fingerprint scanner, recording video in 4K resolution and enables the automatic copying (storing) photos and videos in full resolution to the cloud (this one runs in jabłuszek). We offer you’ll with a new Android 7.1 Nougat in three body colors. Google even in this case zakpiło from your big competitor, which is known with fancy names for their colors (the latest iPhone, you can buy a version of the “jet black”). Google called their version “very black”, “blue” and “super silver”. The Internet rolled in laughter. But in case there is something more important than a beautiful nail Polish. Smartphones “made by Google” — from the beginning to the end. To be precise this is not true — American giant does their Taiwanese HTC, but Google, apparently, they were designed and supplied software. Regarding this must be a new name — over the Nexus line, and started a new one — it Pixel. This puts Google in a row with former partners — for example, Samsungiem and biggest competitor — Apple. Probably because of this new Pixel does not make the Chinese Huawei, which has big ambitions than fighting for the survival of the HTC brand. The case there is even no evidence that smartphones are made through someone other than Google. HTC was Google”, and the fact that factories of Foxconn for Apple — anonymous equipment supplier. And if so, the Internet giant needs in their devices, to offer something that others do not have. Otherwise, the high price of Pixels would be difficult to justify. And there are so many that the new iPhones — in the US $ 649 for the version “normal” and the 769 $ for the XL version. By the way, smartphones will be officially available in Russia. Because Android depends on it from Google, and the answer on how to stand out quite obvious. Pixele will have some features of “heart to heart” or earlier than competitors. What could it be? Google executives showed, in particular, virtual assistant, running on a solid artificial intelligence. Google Assistant is a feature available both on smartphones and dynamics, controlled voice Home ($ 129). Behaves the same, as you know, Android system, Google Now search-based, email content, calendar entries is the most necessary in the moment comments. Assistant transfers these opportunities, however, at a higher level — offers a conversational mode where you can ask questions by voice, not in a very formal style, and, in addition, the computer responds to the context (the previous search) and thus picks an answer. Although it sounds complicated, in practice it looks — the presentation company — a very friendly relationship. To invoke the wizard, it is enough to say “OK, Google” and command (of course, in English). Home speaker can also control some devices, such. The company advertises that combined with the Nest thermostat (owned by Google) you can set the voice, temperature. If we have a Philips Hue lighting system — you can turn on and off the bulb. The same if we are talking about TV or smartphones. Another novelty of the company are virtual reality glasses — Daydream View. Google emphasizes that they are made of soft materials, not hard plastic (like the competition). They are lightweight and require no wires. Just install them in compatibility with Daydream phone (Pixele, of course, do), to protect the flip… and. In kosztującym $ 79 kit is also a remote control and built-in gładzkiem akcelerometrami. They can wave, point, select options. A good start VR glasses will work with Netflixem, HBO, Hulu, a few games (m. in particular the series of Harry Potter) and, of course, with its own Google apps. Daydream in View you can use the 360 degree video on YouTube, or with StreetView — pilot pointing where to go, and shaking his head using a camera phone to take a look around. The giant showed some small electronic gadgets. One of them is quite popular Chromecast set – top box to the TV, which makes use of some functions of smart tv. Tanya (69 dollars), and now the Chromecast offers Ultra 4K resolution. Novelty are also routers, wi-fi, providing wireless łączość even in a harsh home where the signal is attenuated through the walls.


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