Friday, October 7, 2016

Facebook represents the future of virtual reality – Virtual Russia

Facebook knows that in the next few years virtual reality will become the key. And for the future better prepared.

When the first comments Facebook, in the future VR will be like a teleport, for many it was a knock on the forehead. Meanwhile, in April, shows the birth of this idea – avatars zwiedzały London, and my virtual self. At Oculus Connect 3 we saw an improved version of this idea, with a Brand Zuckerbergiem in the virtual version.

This time the comic avatars more similar to their living counterparts, they spoke to each other. Can smile, do seem surprised or mine pretending to be surprised. Before that came the fun, as well as the possibility of video calls via Messenger. That is, people without glasses can be in communication with those who speak with each other in virtual reality. Not only that – avatars can do a selfie and then throw them on your facebook profile. Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of this option:

It’s like Skype, only much, much better. Avatars can change the place where arguing with each other. it May be the ocean floor or… new year’s table, behind which sits the whole family, and the image is transmitted through a web camera recorded in 360 degrees. Of people in another country, you can play cards like really was on us. While this vision has its inconvenience, because of the comic book a friend is not the same as real, but what happens in five years? Ten? Maybe the avatars will be more accurate and more realistic.

However, even a comic book person-it is only the future. Facebook has not yet committed to when he will release your Communicator VR. Still preparing the arrival of the fashion for virtual reality.

Yes, already has a firm producing equipment Oculus Rift glasses, and have long been on the market. At the conference betrayed, Facebook had already allocated $ 250 million on the games and apps on Oculusa, and the same amount is going to do. Even this year, its premiere will have a controller for Rifta, Touch Oculus – virtual reality will finally become easier.

This shows that the company is on the move. But I have the impression that even more important, the future. That only has to come.

And so Oculus promises a revolutionary from today’s point of view, wireless sunglasses. They should work regardless of the smartphone and computer. The fact that we don’t know any details. How they should work, when they appear, how much it will cost. Future, future, future.

Facebook waiting for virtual reality to be oswojona. With googles we use when playing, watching videos, browsing photos. "Dirty work", i.e. the input is VR home, Facebook allows you to perform other. For example, Google, which will soon launch on the market a good, inexpensive, but solid points and Daydream VR platform. Also Samsung put the rumors on the 4K display, through which materials, VR will look better. It’s all the little steps that make that virtual reality is more and more enthusiasts. Facebook stands by and waits for.

Today the conversation with the avatar may seem strange, unnecessary. Intriguing, but not too convincing. This is because VR glasses and their capabilities are still unknown to all. Facebook knows that sooner or later, to be with someone time, like were really together in one place, it would be better than a phone call or communicate through the web site.

Facebook knows that virtual reality is on the way. And for a moment it seems that will be better prepared.. In the end, preparing for this for many years. When Facebook decided to acquire the company behind the phone camera of the Oculus Rift, many could not understand this decision. VR and the social network? Meanwhile, Zuckerberg is consistently implementing its mission. VR as teleport – all in due time…

Adam Bednarek


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