Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Google Pixel, that is, the middle finger for fans Nexusów [REVIEW] –

that was not Google Pixel to Pixel pairs with XL can be very good smartphones. With their Amoledami, Snapdragonami 821, four gigabytes of RAM, a beautiful 12-megapikselowymi cameras and aluminum and glass enclosures have nothing to be ashamed of. This is the first smartphones with the new voice assistant Google have access to Fi network and unlimited space in the cloud-your photos and videos in full resolution. Added more support at midnight, and priority on the pallet, which are the latest version of Android. And that would be enough.

Image lose?

Pixel komunikowany as hardware developed by Google. One does not speak aloud about it, which, if not one of the great players he worked over the device, and in the course of the presentation of the fly is a joke in the style of “making hardware is hard” (eng. shooting of the equipment difficult). Meanwhile, it is in some sense a turning point hardware, which outlines a new direction for Google, it’s just unremarkable.

Google your smartphone, which is not particularly stands out from the competition, this story is in the process of starting all the time was couched in the context of a real revolution. It looked pretty funny, especially if you think about the xperia zl, Samsung with curved screen, LG modular with a wide angle lens, Lenovo Moto Pro supplements Huaweiu with dual camera, or iphone without a headphone Jack (not trying to assess whether it was a good moves, but, at least, each one was original in its own way), and then returns to Pixela, wherein between the quality of housing and the function of fast charging was praised application support Duo that no one needs, but even if, it is not available on all previously listed smartphones.

It could happen, but…

Decent specifications, good build quality, jokes with iPhone, it all worked until the RFQ. Why? Probably no one rozpatrywałby the lack of imagination in the context of the disadvantages, if Google introduced a more Nexusy in Nexusowych prices. However, a year ago, for the basic version 5X, we had to pay a little more, but still it was a smartphone, which started from the ceiling, much lower than the flagship models from Samsung, Sony, LG or HTC. Nexusy was such a refuge, with the seal “approved by “Google” and a price you can swallow it without kaleczenia his throat. In 2015, 5X 32GB was priced at $ 429, meanwhile, Pixels 32GB costs $ 649. Google probably wants to be a friend Applem, and, consequently, a large number of users received it is a great view of the big middle finger “wyszukiwarkowego” giant.


It was a time when Google could guide the development of smartphone on a new track. Bring a breath of fresh air. To demonstrate innovation. Instead, the company from Mountain View killed the idea Nexusów that in the familiar style himself would object the hegemony of Apple and the growing prices flagowców Android and… joined the rest of the bets. Prior to that, she did it in a poor style, because the Galaxy S7 will still be the best choice, and the LG G5, P9 Huawei, or Lenovo Moto, much more interesting. At current prices Pixels even iPhone 7 looks reasonable, slightly scary, because these words flow from the mouth of a declared fan of Android.

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