Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Philips: new monitors with a retractable camera for 939-2529 RUB –

the New range of Philips monitors, applied to business applications, includes 27-, 24 – and 22-inch models feature a built-in web camera, retractable, depending on the current needs of the user. With one button you can clean and re-nominate the camera. During the active work with the web camera, for example, during an online chat, the camera moves forward, and when the conference comes to an end, the camera fades inside the monitor, preventing any spying potential hackers.

in addition, the retractable monitors with camera equipped with Philips ultracienkie frame, which maximizes the area of the projected image, making it possible to obtain a more homogeneous working area when installed next to each other a larger number of monitors.

the Monitor also supports the creation of a serial connection, which allows you to connect multiple devices through a single connector type. Wiring structure using the same DisplayPort connection allows you to configure the system in a more structured way.

in turn, used in the Philips monitor with PowerSensor technology detects user presence in front of the monitor, and then decreases the brightness level of the screen when the user moves away from the desktop. As indicated by the manufacturer, can reduce electricity costs up to 80%, while prolonging the service life of the display. The monitor is manufactured in 85% recycled content.

a Series of Philips monitors with a sliding camera will be available in November of 2016. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of the monitor is 2529 rubles for a model 272B7QPTKEB, 1079 RUB over the model 241B7QPJKEB and 939 rubles for a model 221B7QPJKEB. The device applies a three-year manufacturer’s warranty in the system door-to-door.

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