Tuesday, October 18, 2016

załogowa the longest space flight in China’s history – Polish Radio

aboard the Shenzhou 11 two astronauts – commander Jing Haipeng and Cheng Dong. Over the next two days should they be found in space lab Tiangong-2, which means “heavenly Palace”. The module is part of was built according to Chinese manned space station.

the Astronauts will perform in space a month, the longest in the history of Chinese manned spaceflight. Will explore the effectiveness of the system and the processes associated with a medium-term stay in space. They will also conduct and monitor scientific experiments, including medical ones.


the development of the space program is a priority of the Chinese authorities. In 2021, the State Inside wants to send a probe to Mars, and three years later to send to the moon manned spacecraft.

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