Friday, October 14, 2016

A record number of threats for mobile devices – CHIP

Still the most exposed to users of the most popular, constituting 87.3% of the market of the Android operating system. More than 90 percent. all attacks that target mobile devices, for the system born under the sign of the green robot. Malicious code is even zaszywany applications available in the official Google Play store. Once installed, the criminals can, in particular, to access files and data, of the victim, to remotely eavesdrop on her conversations, send SMS or start, and to take control over the camera in the phone.

- the Criminals skillfully exploit vulnerabilities in Android, and the fact that he is often chosen by users. Only in August 2015 in result of detected vulnerabilities in the software of attack was approx. 950 million mobile phones – says Tomasz Matuła.

according to experts, the rise in security incidents is also affected by the increasing mobility of work and interest in the technology of the Internet of Things (Internet of Things). Gartner predicts that by 2020 more than 20 billion devices will be connected to the network in the framework of IoT.

- on the one hand, the business appreciates the advantages of modern solutions,
with other functionality not always go hand in hand with the appropriate level of protection.
From our research shows that only 4 per cent. Polish companies protect information processed on mobile devices of their employees. It’s a huge risk, especially if working on mobile we store sensitive data, customer list, contract or invoice
– explains Mariusz Skinny, Operating officer, Integrated Solutions.

According to the Breach Level Index from January to June 2016 as the result of the security breach, which was 0.03 seconds, the world has gone one record of the mobile data.


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