Monday, October 3, 2016

USB type-C waited for the new specifications audio

like it or not, get rid of the manufacturers headphone minijack in the near future may be very common. the USB Implementers Forum has published the long-awaited specifications Audio Device Class 3.0, so that they can easily replace the popular 3.5 mm Jack and port USB-C on everything from phones, to PC.

the Organization does not hide its goal, which is getting rid of minijacka that, in theory, allow the aims to create thinner devices with improved wodoodpornością and by the way, “open the door for innovation”, leaving more room for other functions. This last argument, rather, will not appeal to everyone, but it is necessary to highlight some real benefits of the new standard. This offer support for the best digital audio, new USB-C has to offer improved energy efficiency, and in addition can boast of the definition of key words. In other words, producers can use a headphone USB connector without any negative impact on our battery (at least not to the same extent as earlier) and it will be easier for them to implement the voice recognition feature.

this does Not mean, of course, that things will not leave the 3.5 mm ports, as it does Apple and Motorola in their new smartphones. However, the specifications of the USB-C may induce such a step a larger number of producers.



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