Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Skiware – home 3D printer with if kickstarter will bring at least some are already available in Auchan – dobreprogramy

the Invention of original ideas, and then the collection of funds for its implementation in the framework of the campaign crowdsurfingowej is one thing. Skills and efficiency, which will lead to the fact that the product or service falls within a wide range than just support the action is the second. A perfect example of success in both these fields is a 3D printer Skiware, which is already available in the Auchan hypermarkets.

For Skiware is a Polish-Swedish startup that funds for the production gathered on Kickstarterze. Transferred to the community measures allowed not only the production and sale of 3D printer, but also the creation of an Internet site where you can share projects, available for free download or paid. Priority during development, as the device and software had to be easy to use, what to do with Skiware home 3D printer.

Dimensions 3D printer is 33 × 34,5 × 42.5 cm and prostopadłościenna space in which prints Skiware has a size of 15 × 15 × 13 cm Diameter used filamentu is 1.75 mm and a maximum extruder temperature of 235°C.

r e k l a m a

the Printer is equipped with a touch display available in six colors and communicates with external devices via Wi-Fi, ethernet cable or USB that allows the printing of the project from the flash drive. The device is available in hypermarkets “Auchan” for the price of 3680 rubles, the amount that can be put on the website. The kit adds a single scroll filamentu.

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