Monday, October 3, 2016

Almost 60 percent. devices, Galaxy Note 7, are listed in Europe – PC Format

Samsung Electronics confirms that since the introduction of the program in Europe listed was 57 percent. smartphones Note 7.

from 19 September to 90%. Note 7 users who have used the exchange program, chose again Note 7, while 3 per cent. chose other smartphones of Samsung Galaxy series.

Since the inception of the program, the company Samsung has repeatedly reported to all owners Note7 in Europe about the need to power-off in their smartphones and replace equipment as part of the exchange program.

Judging by the current level of implementation of the exchange program to be completed in Europe in early October. the the Company determined the date of recovery of sales Note7 in Poland November 4, subject to full completion of the exchange program.

Olaf. St, a spokesman for Samsung Electronics said: Our program about security that we put in the first place, gradually comes to users Note7. As a result, they are taking the right steps and quickly and easily sell your device for a new one. We have made every effort to new Note7 intended to replace came to Europe, to guarantee the safety of our customers and minimize inconvenience. We want to thank our customers for their patience and loyalty to Samsung devices Note7. Other clients we strongly recommend you as soon as possible to take effective measures and replacement of equipment on a fundamentally new Note7″.

Olaf St encourages users to ensure that they got a new Galaxy Note7: All customers can use our program to check your IMEI number online on the website

in addition, at the time of receiving a new device, please check whether it has the battery symbol in green and supplied with a black square on the packaging. With these tips, users will be sure you received a new Note 7.


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