Thursday, October 6, 2016

On Board the plane lit up a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This safe series – Virtual Russia

continuation of troubles Samsung. Placeholder models Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not safe, what convinced the passengers, who before the start had to be evacuated.

About the event, writes the portal the Verge. Brian green, owner of the ill-fated smartphone before takeoff, turned it off and hid it in his pocket. For a while, because equipment started Smoking. Green quickly took it out and threw it on the floor. When, after all this turmoil, his colleague returned to the deck, he saw that blazing Samsung managed to burn a hole in the carpet.

Igniting itself, Samsung is rather no surprise. So it was supposed to be safe. Green has replaced a defective copy, but the Board was that the new series can also be flammable. At least, as follows from words of the owner (and the special page, which confirms that this version of the device will not be broken), because Samsung at the moment waiting for a careful study of the case. – Until we get the device we can confirm that this incident relates to new note’d and 7. We are working with the authorities to return the phone and investigate the cause. We’ll have more information when we checked the phone – gave the company the message to The Verge.

What’s worse, it is not the first case when supposedly safe model lit. In China burned to the Galaxy Note 7 – the fact that in this country all smartphones must have proper batteries.

In addition, there is a new problem, what convinced those who received the new model. Users have complained about overheating of the battery and very rapid discharge of the phone. Example Brian Greene shows what can be much, much worse.

I will Not hide manufacturer as soon as possible need to introduce to the market new, out-of-service equipment to rebuild trust. While that confidence can be hard. Writes The Verge, the Green will change in the iPhone 7. In the third model, Galaxy Note 7, apparently, is not going to be tested.



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