Friday, October 7, 2016

Sony A6500 with 5-axis image stabilization system – Ś

Sony introduces new flagship camera with a matrix format APS-C: A6500 (model ILCE-6500). It belongs to the family of devices bezlusterkowych Sony and the same as the model α6300 equipped with a system AF 4D FOCUS. The device provides the focus for 0.05 seconds. Common features of models α6300 and new α6500 should also the AF sensor with 425 focus areas, based on the identification of the site, tightly against almost the entire frame. The new model operates up to 11 frames per second while maintaining continuous operation of automatic focusing and tracking impact. Also available shooting mode in live view, in which the maximum speed is 8 frames per second.

Due to the increased buffer camera Sony A6500 allows you to register up to 307 personnel. It is also a merit of the new graphics chip with a high level of integration that improves performance. The objectives of the new system should also optimize the image quality on photos and in films.

the camera is used is appreciated, 5-axis optical image stabilization system. A6500 is the first Sony body with an APS-C, which offers all the advantages of advanced, integrated stabilizer — including the ability to increase exposure by 5 degrees and also the option of selecting the AF area.

New Sony camera A6500 equipped with 4D FOCUS system is already known to the users of the housing A6300. It combines the speed of the AUTOFOCUS system on the basis of the detection phase with exceptional accuracy, which ensures the detection of contrast. As a result, the focus is only 0.05 seconds. Element of the system is 425 zones based on detecting phase technology High density AF Tracking significantly improves the efficiency of detecting and tracking objects.

the Novelty in the model A6500 very large memory buffer on the pictures serial. Currently, it is up to 307 klatekiii, which greatly increases the chances of capturing the most important points. The introduction of this improvement would not be possible without a new system LSI, which speeds up internal processing.

425 zones on the basis of the detection phase and tracking focus works even when working with lenses of type A connected via the adapter Sony LA-EA3. The impressive list of camera functions includes also a quiet shooting mode, the function of Eye AF in AF-C mode, the automatic focusing when the image is enlarged, expanded mode, spot with the choice of AF sensor and more.

among the most interesting features of the new building follows the 5-axis stabilization system image. The model A6500 is the first Sony camera with an APS-C equipped with such a system. A major upgrade of the internal structure allow you to fit the whole stabilization system inside the housing, whose dimensions are almost the same as in the model A6300. Innovative 5-axis system allows you to extend the exposure time to 5 degrees, and to use the full capacity matrix panel even in low light conditions.

the System vibration compensation works when working with different lenses, including models with E mount lenses without OSS (Optical SteadyShot) lens mount type, And mounted on the appropriate adapter. In the case of lenses with E-mount camera and the OSS compensation of the tilt and yaw is in the lens and move horizontal and vertical, as well as rolls kompensiruet case. This guarantees optimal stabilization in all 5 axes.

the Effect of compensation is possible in a very simple way to check in the viewfinder or on the LCD screen: to do this, half-press the shutter button. This allows you to carefully check and constantly monitor the composition of the shot and its sharpness even if you use the lens does not come with vibration compensation.

Body A6500 equipped with a touch screen, whereby the user can adjust the focus on a specific object by touching the screen. This feature is an important addition to the improved AUTOFOCUS and video recording mode.

A6500 is the first Sony camera with the function of the trackpad: this role may fit the LCD screen, and for programming and control image is used then the viewfinder. Swiping your finger across the screen so that you can move the focus point from one fragment to another.

Inside the case A6500 is located 24.2-megapixel Exmor CMOS APS-C format, which in combination with the image processor BIONZ X and the newly developed system LSI. The combination of these three components ensures maximum treatment efficiency and an impressive sensitivity range from ISO 100 to 51 200.

distinguishing properties of sensor large size of photosensitive elements and the small thickness of the layer of conductors. Design to the maximum increases the efficiency of capturing light and copper conductors contribute, in addition to increasing reading speed. The image processor BIONZ X and a newly developed system with a high level of integration, improve the quality of photos and videos, and also reduces noise at high ISO levels. The objectives of the new system LSI is also necessary to increase the capacity of the buffer at the photo of the serial.

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