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Climatologist: Yes strong hurricanes like Matthew happen every few years – Russian Radio

Matthew, which has passed through Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and now he reached the Eastern coast of the United States, was classified as a hurricane the fourth category in pięciostopniowej a scale of Saffira-Simpson. Gusts even reached 235 kilometers per hour.

According to the latest balance element caused the death of almost 900 people.

One of the most terrible phenomena in nature

Hurricane is one of the most dangerous phenomena in nature. On the East coast of the U.S. hurricanes occur quite frequently. However, as powerful as Matthew – much less every few years, explained Professor Thaddeus the Bear from the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the Silesian University.

as a Rule, phenomena of this type are formed in late summer and autumn, in the Northern hemisphere and the southern. Depending on the centers, however, have different names. And so – as explained by the Professor. Bear – a phenomenon that we encountered in the Caribbean and over Florida (florida), is called the hurricane. In turn, in the Pacific known as Typhoon.

the Hurricane is very deep, than baryczny size from 300 to 500 km in diameter. Occurs in areas międzyzwrotnikowych and almost exclusively over highly heated ocean where the surface temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. Starts usually from a tropical storm, a powerful storm cloud forming over a boiling ocean said the climatologist.

it Occurs most often in late summer and early autumn, when the sea in subtropical areas heated most strongly, he added.

These conditions are causing ascending currents and a large thundercloud, which can be set in rotational movement. This gives rise cyklonowi.

- the Cyclone reaches its climax, when increasing the wind speed. The velocity around the center of the cyclone may reach even good. 400 km/h, Paradoxically, in the heart of the city – the so-called “eye of the cyclone having a diameter of 70 km – the air is calm and the place itself, cloudless, warm and quiet,’ said Professor Bear.

hurricane Matthew from the International Space Station captured the moment when the element is moved over the Bahama Islands:, STORYFUL

the one that causes the most losses

After logging on land the hurricane is starting to weaken as it loses energy, that would provide him with earlier contact with the molten sea. However, it then causes most of the losses. The strong wind is only one of the threats that a hurricane wearing.

subsequently need a sea-level rise and a large “wave” przybojowa that destroys what is close to the coast. It can fill even the whole city, what happened in New Orleans, devastated by hurricane Katrina. – The sea breaks into the river, stopując its outflow. As a result, the excess water had nowhere to go – said Professor Bear.

Third, the threat of precipitation is large that we can hardly imagine. The day may fall so much snow that we have in a year. This, in turn, causes flooding, and in mountainous areas there are landslides and mud avalanches that can fill the whole city, – said the expert.

“In the nature of a lot of things, it is difficult to determine”

the aftermath of a hurricane depend on where it will come ashore. However, the establishment of this place is a big problem. – American weather service continue to warn about the situation in time to evacuate people, provide the house or take other actions that will minimize the effects of the disaster – said the Professor.

However, the country, even one as rich as the United States, is unable directly to resist the effects of the hurricane. In nature many things, it is difficult to determine. A hurricane can enter the coast 50 km and more to the North or further South. For services and of the population is, however, a big difference. But it is better to incur the financial losses associated with the costs of evacuation, than to subject the population to death, he said.

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