Saturday, October 8, 2016

Surprised Samsung forecasts profit

the South Korean group announced that in the third quarter, expects operating profit at the level of 7.8 trillion won ($ 7 billion), which is 5.6 per cent. more than in the same period a year ago. Analysts expected a lower profit, especially after the scandal with wybuchającymi batteries in the Galaxy Note 7 – faulty battery can cause explosion of the device while it is charging.

2 September, the group announced a service for 10 States. Customers previously reported cases of exploding devices. In this regard, the American Commission on Consumer product Safety (CPSC) warned before charging the Samsung devices and the Federal Aviation administration (FAA) called on niezabieranie Galaxy Note 7 on Board the aircraft or nieumieszczania them in checked baggage. Similar steps were taken, for example, LOT Polish airlines.

Only in the United States, Samsung has recorded 92 reports of overheating of the battery, in 26 cases, they resulted in burns, while 55 destruction of property.

After reports of defective batteries only for two days the market value of Samsung has fallen by 22 billion dollars, while shares fell by 11%. counted among the largest two-day decline since 2008.

According to the pessimistic forecasts, the stock owner of the Galaxy Note 7 might reduce the profits of the concern, at least 1 trillion won. However, good sales of chips and displays, Samsung may help to offset some of the losses.

Samsung has sold worldwide, 2.5 million devices of the Galaxy Note 7 with a faulty battery. Galaxy Note 7 premiere on August 19.


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