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Sony introduced the camera Cyber-shot RX100 V – Interia

Sony introduces to its range a new flagship model of the popular family of compact digital cameras Cyber-shot RX100: RX100 V. Cyfrówka, as says the Japanese manufacturer, is high among the devices kompaktowychi AF speed, a large number of AF points and a maximum burst speed.


Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V

RX100 V features a newly developed image sensor of the “stacked CMOS” Exmor RS size of 1.0″ with its own DRAM memory chip, the lens is ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70 mm F1,8 – F2,8 and also improved image processing system. The latter uses a new, integrated layout with high integration level, which ensures maximum processing speed, increase the memory buffer and optimizes the image quality, especially when using high ISO values. In the new model, there were also such functions as recording video in 4K using all the pixels of the matrix, without using membership or registration with an image rate up to 1000 frames per second.

V RX100 is the first model of the Sony RX100 is equipped with a system Fast Hybrid AF, which combines the advantages of detection of contrast by the AF sensors located in the plane of the focal length and phase detection. Thanks to the combination of these two systems focusing takes only 0.05 seconds. Following a high-speed AF system is an impressive number of focus points. Their 315 and cover 65%. matrix.

the Increase in processing speed is achieved thanks to a new system LSI, wspomagającemu BIONZ X. the Combination of these two elements and effective AF system, allows you to shoot, shooting at speeds of up to 24 frames per second with full resolution of 20.1 megapixels and tracking AF/AE. One series can contain up to 150 personnel. In this mode, minimized time off the viewfinder between the individual photos. This greatly simplifies the photographer is tracking fast action, grabbed her decisive moment. Pictures with high speed in addition, you can combine the electronic shutter.

Another improvement in AUTOFOCUS RX100 in the model V is a new mode, AF-A, in which the camera automatically switches between continuous focus and single mode. The user can also decide during composition on the screen you should see a field of continuous focus AF and AF-based detection phase.

camera Equipment RX100 V also includes a quick snapshot of niwelującą distortion (with a minimum of time open 1/32 000 sec). Reduces “distortions” arising from the registration of moving objects. Short exposure time allows, in addition, check for sharpness at full aperture and brightness to 19 EV. When shooting in aperture and shutter speed to obtain a sharp image of the object and softly blurred backgrounds even in bright light.

a Novelty in the model RX100 V the ability of free adjustment of zoom ratio of the image during manual focus adjustment. The choice has two ways to view the enlarged part: “area of focus” or “center of display”.

Professional opportunities movie

Despite the pocket size, camera RX100 V includes all features of the movie. Part of the Fast Hybrid AF system, the AF sensor based on the detection phase ensure accurate and continuous focus when recording video in 4K. The corresponding settings in the menu allow you to change adjust the AF speed and tracking sensitivity of the AUTOFOCUS. The user has considerable freedom in configuring the system to control focus according to your taste.

In 4K mode new RX100 uses for reading all pixels without combining them into groups. Because of this, even the smallest image details with 4K resolution are recorded with minimal moire and without postrzępienia region. High quality writing ensures that the codec XAVC S. it Saves the image in 4K at speeds up to 100 Mb/s, and the image in Full HD at 50 MB/sec.

Among the other professional functions of cinema is to replace the profile image, curve gamma S-Log2 gamma, color space S-Gamut mode and Full HD 100p. The user can also manually select a frame from a recorded movie and save it as a picture with a resolution of about 8 megapixels (if image source is 4K) or 2 MP (HD).

the RX100 V also gives the opportunity to record a video to view it in a much slower rate — even 40 times smaller than from the standard. The maximum length of a frame is approximately two times larger than in the model of RX100 IV. This allows the fixation of the fleeting moments of the action with incredible detail, resolution and clarity.

Before the image recording the user can select the required sign up rate (1000, 500 or 250 frames per second) and recording format at 50p or 25p. This allows you to set the entry speed of the object. The record button can work in two modes: just start recording when you press or to trigger recording video recorded as long as the button is pressed.

Pocket dimensions

the New RX100 V, like other products of the RX100 series, has a convenient case of pocket size, and thanks to kontrastowemu wizjerowi XGA OLED Tru-Finder with a resolution of 2.35 million pixels allows correct viewing of a suitcase. The viewfinder can be inserted into the body, and the optical elements overlapping, coatings ZEISS T*. The new device is also equipped with Wi-Fi technology and NFC.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V will go on sale in Europe in November.


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