Thursday, October 6, 2016

Philips cares about the safety and allows you to hide the camera in the housing –

MMD engaged in the manufacture and sales of monitors under the brand PHILIPS, is a series of devices with a web camera, retractable, depending on the needs of the user. In those days, when even the head of the FBI (James Comey), during one of the last copies of the attracted selected ways to enhance the protection of user privacy in the network, including when you close the webcam seems to be quite an interesting proposition. Open web cameras can easily be a source of information for hackers, allowing at least industrial espionage.


Currently, we have, however, is certainly more sophisticated ways to protect the camera than the use of adhesive tape, especially in desktop computers. Latest series of PHILIPS monitors, applied to business applications, three models, 27-, 24 – and 22-inch is equipped with a built-in web camera, retractable, depending on the current needs of the user. With one button you can easily hide and again to push the camera.

just as in the case of other monitors of the brand PHILIPS, aimed at professionals, monitors with a pull-out chamber was equipped with features that enhance user productivity. Ultracienkie frame increase the area of the projected image, the result of providing a more uniform workspace when installed next to each other a larger number of monitors. The monitor supports the creation of a serial connection, which allows you to connect multiple devices through a single connector type. Wiring structure using the same DisplayPort connection provides a configuration system in a more structured way. A key advantage of the configuration for multiple monitors, improved performance and a much simpler multi-tasking.

suggested retail price is 2529 RUBLES for a model 272B7QPTKEB (27-inch), 1079 RUBLES for 241B7QPJKEB (24 inches) and 939 RUBLES for 221B7QPJKEB (22 inch). The device applies a three-year manufacturer’s warranty in the system door-to-door. Series retractable monitors with camera will be available in stores beginning in November 2016.


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