Friday, October 7, 2016

Oculus Rift – the wireless glasses in the near future –

during the event, Oculus Connect, we could see new games on the Oculus Rifta, incidentally, is from the creators of the series Subway, we met the price and the release date of the controllers, Oculus Touch. Mark Zuckerberg also said about the wireless version of the Oculus Rifta.

New hardware should be something between editing pecetową using the camera phone and mobile devices. We know that wi-fi Oculus will not be needed for operation of the smartphone, it will be streamował games and applications from the cloud.

At the moment the new device is only a prototype, but Zuckerber already promised that the equipment will be cheaper from the original Oculusa.

How far are we from the launch of the new equipment? Rather, there, because the first copies Oculusa wirelessly work, and was even shown to Western journalists.

Recall that similar equipment has announced the HTC. It is hardly surprising if VR glasses should be user friendly, must sooner or later get rid of cables.


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